What's going on here with Biden's document mishandling?

It has been a tough week for Joe Biden.

It began with classified documents being discovered at Biden's former office at his Washington-based think tank. Days later, Biden’s aides discovered more classified documents at Biden's Wilmington, Delaware home.

This led to Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing Special Counsel Robert Hur to probe Biden’s mishandling of classified material.

Yesterday, Biden’s aides found five additional classified documents once again at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home.

CBS News reported that some of the documents discovered at Biden’s think tank were marked top secret, which is the highest of the three levels of classification: confidential, secret, and top secret. A leak of top secret information could cause "exceptionally grave damage."

We know the severity of the scandal and the perils to national security associated with it. Such leaks could place lives and U.S. interests in danger. What if a document contained details of undercover U.S. agents operating in enemy territory?

The fact that the Biden family has a record of corruption and ties with U.S. adversaries such as China makes the scandal considerably worse.

But there are many unusual occurrences surrounding this scandal.

We know that government agencies are politicized by the D.C. Democrat establishment. No longer do they operate as watchdogs monitoring the powerful on behalf of citizens.  Instead, they are Democrat proxies who eliminate impediments and challenges to Democrats.

Most of the mainstream media functions as the propaganda wing for the Democrats. They don’t just follow the same narrative but even use identical jargon to describe any given incident. Words such as ‘collusion’ or ‘insurrection’ didn’t spread by accident. An adept Democrat wordsmith coined these terms and the media mainstreamed them through repetition.

Both the agencies and the media operate on strict order; the bouquets are for the Democrats, while the brickbats are for Republicans.

This explains why they buried information about the first discovery of classified documents at Biden's think tank. The discovery happened on November 2, days prior to the 2022 midterm elections, but the public learned about it two months later.

The question is why didn’t they bury it forever as they usually do when Democrats commit crimes.

You would expect Biden’s aides would have worked behind the scenes to either destroy the documents or secretly transfer them back to the National Archives and Records Administration.

The same Biden’s aides are concealing the obvious facts about Biden’s rapidly declining cognitive abilities, his misgovernance, and his corruption. 

Why are they diligently following the rules in this situation?

The DoJ also seems to be displaying the utmost seriousness about the situation by appointing a special counsel.

Usually, such stories are covered by Fox News, the New York Post, Breitbart, etc., while the mainstream media either ignores or dismisses them as right wing conspiracy theories.

But this time, the media covered every discovery in detail and even used ‘sources’ to reveal the discovery of documents marked ‘top secret.' 

CBS News even reported that Democrats inside and outside the West Wing are frustrated with the White House's response to the Biden document scandal.

They still remain Democrat loyalists and hence they portray Biden’s and Trump’s circumstances as "Cooperation vs. Obstruction." "Misplaced vs. Stolen." "Voluntary vs. Subpoena." "Immediate vs. Search Warrant."

Why do agencies and the news media appear to be suddenly turning over a new leaf?

One school of thought is that the Democrat leadership is growing weary of the declining and inarticulate Biden and seeking a younger puppet in 2024 who can play the part of president more convincingly.

Perhaps the Democrat leadership expected the red wave during the 2022 midterms to cause the Democrats to lose both the House and the Senate by huge margins as well as in gubernatorial races. The Democrat leadership probably thought it would enable them to pressure Biden to not seek reelection in 2024.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, Democrats lost fewer seats under Biden during the midterms than they did under Obama and Clinton. Perhaps this caused Biden, i.e., his handlers, to be deluded about Biden’s popularity and think he could win in 2024.

There is another possibility.

We know the Democrats played with the rules of the midterms by allowing mail voting and engaging in other undisclosed practices to allegedly boost voter participation. We also know of voting machines malfunctioning.

Maybe the deal was that the Democrats would rig the elections and let Biden claim credit for the success and declare that his mission was accomplished and not seek reelection in 2024.

But that didn’t happen, either.

Perhaps the appointment of a special counsel is meant to bring Biden back to the negotiating table and sign the deal to announce he is not running in 2024 which will cause all investigations to vaporize into thin air

There is another possibility -- that this is a charade.

With Biden, the Democrats have a perfect empty vessel for their unpopular far-left policies. If Biden ‘wins’ in 2024, it will bring more funding for the Green New Deal, to defend Ukraine, etc. The influx of illegals would continue with many being given voting rights. Their war against political opponents will also continue.

Perhaps the probe is an act of deception to con the public into thinking that Biden and Trump are being treated equally with their respective special counsel probes. Maybe the investigation proceeds quietly and finally exonerates Biden at the propitious moment for him to declare he is seeking re-election in 2024.  

This probe on Biden also gives them an excuse to expand their various probes on Trump, when Republicans call it a political witch-hunt, they just point to the probe on Biden. 



There is another possibility about the special counsel investigation.

Perhaps the probe is meant to place a vast shroud of protection over Biden. 

The special counsel is likely to begin by probing the White House, Biden's Delaware home, and his former office spaces. The probe will enable the special counsel to prevent others such as House Republicans from accessing the documents and logs or interviewing people, claiming that it would interfere with the investigation and obstruct justice. They could hire agents who look like investigators but are actually fixers. Once the clean-up is finished, the House GOP will be allowed to conduct their investigations which will yield nothing.

There is an unlikely possibility Kamala Harris’s advocates in the swamp are involved in this, too. Perhaps Biden’s handlers were asking the incompetent and inarticulate Harris to step aside. This led to Harris’s proxies masquerading as Biden’s aides to expose Biden’s mishandling of classified information to the authorities. This could be a warning for Biden's handlers, i.e., if they even think of dropping Kamala, Biden will be gone too for selling secrets to foreign powers and soon there will be President Kevin McCarthy.

Going by the record of the Democrats and their proxies, it is most unlikely that they have suddenly seen the light and are now following a moral path where all are equal before the law.

When something seems too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

The Latin phrase Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes comes to mind, which paraphrased in English mean "I fear the Greeks even when bearing gifts."

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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