Urging House Speaker McCarthy to let 'Saychel' be his guide

"Saychel" is a Yiddish word for common sense (Google spells it "sekhel").   Consider  this term simply aYiddish counterpart for Occam's Razor.   

Here are two situations that cry out for the application of saychel by House Republicans.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D.-Ga.) recently theorized that the classified documents found in Biden's garage had been planted. There is as much evidence that the documents were planted as there was of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to put Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office.

Where were Republicans in Congress to throw back at Johnson -- and the Democrats, generally -- that if anyone has been planting disinformation in the media,  information eagerly gobbled up by the media, it has been the Democrats, and Twitter has known about the Democrats' disinformation campaign lying about Russia all along, and did not disclose the truth to the American people.  If Republicans had saychel, they would have shamed Rep. Johnson and the Democrats and their media lapdogs, days ago -- indeed months, if not years ago.
Why have the Republicans been remiss about the Democrat lies about Russia interference in the 2016 election -- a lie that was apparently originated by Hillary Clinton, who had been recognized 27 years ago by the late William Safire as a "congenital liar"?

Here is a second example how the application of "saychel" could send Never Trump editors to the delete key, to expunge their badly-reasoned, if violently anti-Trump views. A month ago, The Wall Street Journal ran this lead editorial: "The Jan. 6 Inquiry's Not-So-Great Finale."  

The editorial, facially, seemed to criticize  the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 for recommending to the Justice Department the criminal prosecution of Citizen Trump.  The concluding paragraph commented: "In their crusade against Mr. Trump's norm-breaking, Democrats and the press have too often broken norms themselves."  (What "norm-breaking" is Donald J. Trump guilty of -- trying to drain the swamp?)  For media norm-breaking, merely see Jim Rutenberg's Times August 2016 column urging the media  to put aside objectivity in reporting on Mr. Trump.
Indeed, the New York Times, along with its media acolytes, not only broke journalism's norms, they threw those norms to the winds -- bizarrely getting a Pulitzer Award  for publishing Big Lies about Mr. Trump.  The New York Post was on target, calling "absurd" the Pulitzers given the Times and Washington Post.
Getting back to the Dec. 20 Wall Street Journal editorial seeming to take the Pelosi partisan panel to task, the difficulty with this editorial is  in the third paragraph:
"The House Jan. 6 inquiry has done useful work gathering  documents and putting witnesses under oath."   
And the 16th century inquisitors of Spain were confident they did useful work "gathering dcuments and putting witnesses under oath [accompanied by torture]"  in their fight to stamp out religious dissidents, too.
Where were House Republicans, last month, to send torrents of letters to the Wall Street Journal based simply on saychel?
Was this not only a "select committee" but a "very select committee" with seven virulently anti-Trump Democrats and two viciously anti-Trump Republicans who, from the day this anti-liberty panel met, already held that  Donald J. Trump was guilty as he was later  to be charged?   
Four paragraphs from the end of this mealy-mouthed editorial, the editors proclaimed their fidelity to the Never Trump cause:
"Jan. 6 was a disgrace, and Mr. Trump's behavior on that day and since is a reason not to trust him with the Presidency ever again."
The political disgrace afflicting our country, saychel instructs, is the anti-Trump conspiracy that started with his candidacy for president and continues to this very day, two years after he left office, peacefully. 
Saychel suggests to this observer that House Republicans should do their constitutional duty and nullify every action taken by the egregious offense to American liberty known as the House Select Committee on January 6, and demand that the January 6 political prisoners held by Biden's Stasi-like Justice Department be released immediately.  How the MAGA majority in the country would be elated if the House, led by Kevin McCarthy, showed that the GOP is fully capable of doing the right thing by and for the U.S.A. and the freedom on which it stands.
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