Victims wanted — no experience necessary, apply within

When it's not creating social injustices to overcome, the left is busy creating victims to maintain its voter base.

In modern America, the Democrat party voter base is composed primarily of individuals who perceive themselves to be disadvantaged, disenfranchised, marginalized, or in some fashion left out.  They feel, in some sense, victimized.  With the actual numbers of those truly victimized declining markedly in recent decades, the party needs to perpetuate perceived victimhood to maintain its political appeal.  The party excels in generating victims over a broad spectrum of societal factions through identity politics and its D-I-E agenda.

  • People of color.  Victims of white privilege.  Any failings they may experience are due solely to an oppressive social structure based in white supremacy.  They are entitled to equity-based advancement and, as now proposed in California, reparations, in return for loyalty at the ballot box.
  • Women.  Victims of misogyny and patriarchy, even though they now surpass males in educational achievement and the number of women in the workforce now equals or slightly exceeds the number of men.  The overturning of Roe v. Wade has exacerbated their victimhood.  Access to safe abortion is a human right!  Women lacking access to abortion are victims.  Aborted fetuses are not — they can't vote.  "My body, my choice!" is the mantra.  One wonders what "my body, my choice" has to do with a fetus's body.  Does "my body, my choice" sanction suicide?
  • The LGBT community.  They are victims of heterosexual bigotry (although being homosexual didn't seem to hold back Tim Cook, Oscar Wilde, Elton John, etc.).  Under wokeism's exalting of gender dysphoria, 33% of students at liberal arts colleges now identify as LGBT.  Twenty-one percent of Gen Z are self-declared LGBT.  The incidence of those who identify as something other than hetero has risen from 3.5% in 2012 to 7.1% in the general public.  Not all this sharp escalation can be reasonably attributed to an increased comfort with "coming out," but is more certainly a consequence of woke activism.
  • Our youth.  Herein lies the greatest source of potential victims.  First, strip them of societal connectivity.  Debase America, patriotism, religion, family structure, gender identity, even commitment to a first name.  Turn them all into "Rolling Stones" — "on their own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown."  Make them insecure and vulnerable.  Then coddle and indulge them.  Teach them that the slightest affronts are catastrophes.  Teach them to flee from microaggressions to safe spaces.  Suspend classes and postpone finals following Trump's election.  Create a generation of victimized snowflakes who can turn only to a nurturing political elite for protection.  It's working.  Joe Biden garnered 65% of Gen Z votes. 
  • Illegal aliens.  They are all asylum-seeking victims of political prosecution and/or human rights violations in their native lands.  No.  They are all potential Democrat voters, at least this generation.
  • Criminals.  Victims of the social system.  Incarceration only leads to recidivism — and inmates can't vote.  Prosecutorial leniency is the better option.
  • Whites.  Mainstream whites are not victims.  However, woke preaching teaches them that their success is unearned and inequitable, a product of white privilege and unconscious bias.  This results in a cadre of guilt-ridden, virtue-signaling whites — today's liberals — who repent by supporting the woke progressive agenda.  Marginalized white residents of rural areas such as Appalachia also do not qualify for victimhood.  Possessed of white privilege, it is only through their own failings that they are underachievers.  They have to be written off as irredeemable MAGA voters.

In 21st-century America, victimhood is largely a state of mind.  If Prince Harry and Meghan can be victims, anyone can!  All the party needs do to lock in its base is keep the glass half empty for those inclined to be dissatisfied or dissident on the one hand, while offering them "hope and change" with the other.  That leaves it free to pursue any inane policy it chooses.  Zero CO2 emissions by 2050, anyone?

Image: Pexels.

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