Kathy Chung, former VP Biden's executive assistant when he left office, has a very curious past with Hunter and now is being questioned

Kathy Chung may be a key figure in the mishandling of classified documents from Joe Biden's two terms as vice president.  As his executive assistant at the time, she was reportedly involved in packing up the documents he removed from government offices when his term as V.P. ended.  Via NBC:

Kathy Chung, who was Biden's executive assistant while he was vice president and helped pack up his vice presidential office in January 2017, is among those who have been interviewed, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing inquiry. Chung currently serves as deputy director of protocol for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Who is Kathy Chung?  Curiously, neither the U.K. Daily Mail nor Fox News, both of which are experts at digging up photos, has been able to come up with a picture of Ms. Chung, despite her currently serving in a rather public position for a rather public figure, the Defense secretary, Lloyd Austin.

The U.K. Daily Mail describes her:

Chung is a behind the scenes operative who previously worked for Democratic senators and is now deputy director of protocol for Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

She turned up in the news on Hunter Biden's infamous laptop, after she CC'd him at his Rosemont Seneca Partners firm on an email containing phone numbers for the Clintons, senators, and most of the Obama cabinet.  

Part of that email, redacted, is shown below:


Why would the V.P.'s executive assistant be sending this highly sensitive (see below) information to Hunter Biden, who was involved in a company in partnership with the communist Chinese?

Back in 2020, retired FBI special agent Mark Wauck blogged (hat tip: Lynn Chu):

...the question that Michael Flynn is suggesting we should be asking:

It's an interesting question, and one that's easily answered. Kathy Chung (aka Kathy Sang-Ok Chung, Kathy S. Geraghty) was an assistant to then Vice President Joe Biden--that is, in 2015. (snip)

Yes, it's easy to imagine that a foreign intelligence service would be interested in having all those cell phone numbers--but what use would Hunter Biden have for them?

GNEWS thinks it has the answer, and in fact their answer seems to be what Michael Flynn is hinting at: Hunter Biden Sold the Clintons’ Phone Numbers to the CCP . Of course, there would be any number of ways to disguise what the payment was actually for. GNEWS doesn't go in for nuance:

The CCP obtained the personal cell phone numbers available only to the Secret Service because the whereabouts of these members and their families were being protected by the United States Secret Service [USSS]. A traitor among them [USSS] had apparently supplied the list directly or indirectly to Kathy S. Chuang, who was hired by Rosemont Seneca, of which Hunter Biden was a co-founder. The CCP would secretly monitor and record the phone conversations of these officials who worked at the government at the highest level, in order to find their weakness and their dirty dealings, to blackmail them, and to own them.

It's an interesting narrative. One that hangs together pretty well. A good working hypothesis.

If a fall guy is needed, Ms. Chung would be a good person to start considering for the post.  But she may have her own trove of compromising information to use as bargaining leverage in dealing with the special counsel's staff, with Biden himself, and with the puppet masters who may be behind the leaks that are pressuring Biden just as he was poised to announce a run for re-election, according to earlier media reports.  

Along with no picture, we have no information on what lawyer(s) Kathy Chung may have engaged in this matter.

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