New rules in the House worry Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries

Real wages have declined for two years under the direction of Biden and the other Democrat leftists, but now the new minority leader in the House, Hakeem Jeffries, is supposedly concerned about the well-being of Americans because certain House members made headway by compelling McCarthy to bend to their conservative agenda?

Jeffries's concern is due to people who want America to be "great again" — or in other words, full of freedom and prosperity for all.  The headline at Breitbart read: "Minority Ldr Jeffries: House GOP's 'Extreme MAGA' Agenda Will Undermine Well-Being of Americans."

I would challenge Mr. Jeffries or anyone else who agrees with him to show how the following rule changes, or votes negotiated by the "extreme MAGA" Republicans, are endangering the welfare of the American citizenry:

  1. Requiring each bill to deal with a single subject instead of being loaded with irrelevant stuff.  Proposed legislation should be a reasonable length and understandable.  Seems rather uncontroversial, right?
  2. Requiring 72 hours to read the bill before a vote.  What a concept — learning what is in a bill before they vote.  I bet Nancy Piglosi isn't a fan!
  3. Allowing members of both parties to introduce amendments from the floor instead of having a dictatorial speaker like Pelosi control things from the top down.
  4. A committee to investigate alleged wrongdoings at the Department of Justice.  Isn't it important to investigate the FBI and other agencies who have clearly spent the last several years interfering in elections and stifling free speech?  Seems as though transparency and accountability shouldn't be a lot to ask of our electeds and our bureaucrats. 

The real damage to the American people has been politicians who ran up $32 trillion in debt voting for massive bills that they haven't read.  Current levels at the national debt clock show that every American born today was born nearly $100K in debt thanks to these clowns in Congress. 

Americans have also been damaged by the media, politicians, and bureaucrats who have done everything they can to protect the criminals in the political establishment, while seeking to destroy anyone who sought to disrupt the status quo.

The media and Democrats continuously call Republicans with whom they disagree far-right extremists and call conservative policies controversial.  Rarely, if ever, do they call Democrats far-left extremists or call their own policies controversial, no matter how radical or destructive they are.  Banning gas stoves?  Really? 

Whose policies are extreme?

The party that wants to enforce mediocre immigration laws to prohibit human- and drug-trafficking, or the party that violates its oath of office and wants an open border with roaming criminals victimizing women and children? 

The party that opposes lawless sanctuary cities and states, or the party that thinks enforcing federal immigration laws is optional?

The party that opposes soft-on-crime D.A.s that let career criminals terrorize the people, or the party that installs these Soros minions? 

The party that wants energy independence, or the party that seeks to destroy companies that use natural resources to produce reasonably priced and reliable energy? 

The party that wants people, especially the poor and middle class, to be able to buy the cars they want and can afford, or the party that wants to force everyone to buy expensive, inefficient, impractical vehicles powered by a highly flammable pollutant?

The party that believes in smaller government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations, or the party that believes that big government is the solution for everything? 

The party that believes that women shouldn't have to compete with men in sports and that women have the right to privacy in their locker rooms, or the party that clearly doesn't care about established science like basic biology? 

The party that believes there should be limits on abortion, like almost all countries in the world, or the party that believes in no limits, just like the regimes of terror of China and North Korea?

The party that believes that pro-life pregnancy centers have the right to exist, or the party that accuses the establishments of "torturing" women?  Look at this headline: "Over 200 Democrats Vote Against Condemning Attacks on Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers."

The party that believes that all babies have rights and are entitled to health care, or the party that believes that it is acceptable to withhold medical care from babies who survive their attempted executions?  Why would anyone trust a party that refuses to give vulnerable babies health care to make laws and regulations for the rest of us?

The choice gets easier every day.  One party is reasonable, and the other party is radical and consumed with power.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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