In Mexico, Joe Biden had one job...

Just as the illegal migrant surge is hitting new highs, Joe Biden went to Mexico — and blew his golden chance to make a deal with Mexico to stop the incoming border surge.

According to Bloomberg News:

US and Mexican cabinet officials ran out of time before discussing migration in a formal meeting in Mexico City on Monday, according to people familiar with the matter, leaving a major issue between the countries largely unaddressed.

Uncontrolled migration across the US southern border remains a political liability for President Joe Biden, and the topic was on the agenda for a formal meeting between the American leader, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador and more than two dozen of their top aides in Mexico City, officials said.

But a private talk between Biden and Lopez Obrador before the official meeting ran long, leaving the larger group — including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan — with less time than expected. Officials said that Biden and the Mexican president, known as AMLO, discussed migration and the border in their private session, but it isn't clear how much time they spent on the subject or in what detail they spoke.

In the larger meeting, Biden, AMLO and their cabinet secretaries spent most of their time discussing supply chains and drug smuggling, officials said.

It falls into line with Joe's statement that he's got "more important things to do" than visit the border.

First thing to notice about this news is that it appears that the Mexicans were the ones who leaked the story, not Joe, who gaslighted the public in the wake of his Mexico trip that he was busy as a bee discussing the border surge with the Mexicans.

Nope, word leaked out that Joe is a poor time manager and didn't seem too interested in prioritizing the border even with a white-hot crisis going on.

It would have been in line with other cutting statements that Mexico's president, known as AMLO, made about Biden's trip.  He made this one:

Google Translate:

"Because he was late": AMLO explains the reasons why Biden did not return to the US via AIFA [AMLO's new showcase airport in Mexico City].

Seems Joe is always late, and guy who always runs out of time. Not exactly a guy who manages the time given him in a presidential way, with all that choreography as was seen at his Potemkin Village border trip, and not even with the aid of his aides.

And who is to argue with AMLO?

Joe wasted no time scrapping President Trump's treaties with Mexico, which had kept the border safe and secure, but waited two years to visit the mess he made at the border by those foolish actions.  After that, instead of going to the border and asking illegals, cartel members, and Border Patrol agents how his new policies were affecting their decisions to enter the U.S. illegally, he fobbed that task off to Kamala Harris, who made a predictable hash of it by doing nothing.  Joe, again, avoided the issue. 

With the three amigos summit among the NAFTA partners (or whatever the heck the group of three is called now) being hosted in Mexico City by Mexico's president, he had a golden opportunity to make what he messed up right by negotiating a new deal with AMLO to keep the migrants out.  He had face time, he had AMLO's attention, he had one job, really...and he blew it.  All he got out of it in the end were little digs from the Mexican president about his flamingly incompetent time management.

Leave it up to Joe to miss an important opportunity to fix something he broke.

All it tells us is that he doesn't want the border fixed.  He's happy to see the tens of thousands of denizens of all the world's impoverished countries come to the U.S. for the free stuff.  He's not serious about the border.  He's just going through the motions to keep the press away for one more day.  He'd rather we keep things exactly the way he has them.

Image: Screen shot from Andrés Manuel López Obrador video via YouTube.

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