Nazi tactics in modern Germany

I first read of Inna Zhvanetskaya in American Thinker, in an article that stated that German authorities wanted to put a Holocaust survivor in a mental institution to force her to take the COVID shot.  I clicked on the title, thinking it must be satire.  Surely no one in Germany would be emulating the Nazis by persecuting a Holocaust survivor and trying to force her to submit to medical experimentation.  Alas, the article was a serious factual account of Inna's trials in modern Germany after surviving Hitler.

Inna has a professional guardian.  In Germany, a guardian might be appointed to oversee medical care or make financial decisions, but there is an emphasis on the guardian upholding the wishes of the ward.  The court may intervene and appoint a new guardian if the wishes of the ward are not being respected.  Inna's guardian is certainly not following her wish not to be given a COVID shot.  One would expect her to be appointed a new guardian.  Instead, she has gone into hiding to protect herself from the Nazi...I beg your pardon, that should be the German state.

Incidentally, as far back as 2021, Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor and lifelong medical rights activist, warned that modern techniques being used to force COVID vaccination resembled tactics used by the Nazis to subjugate the Jewish people.  Then, as now, doctors parroted the party line by claiming that the rights of individuals were not as important as public welfare.

Image: Four survivors of Nazi medical experiments arriving in Nuremberg to testify.  National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD.

The Nazis used doctors to promote eugenics, which led to the murder of millions of Jews as being unfit to live.  Today, doctors are used to promote experimental mRNA vaccinations, as well as lockdowns and masks.  The cost to society has been enormous in terms of ruined lives and ruined economies.

As for Inna, for the moment, she is safe, shielded by local activists who hid her before she could be arrested.  Mascha Orel, the co-founder of We For Humanity, an organization that assists Holocaust survivors and their descendants, has spoken to Inna and confirmed that she is in good health, although confused and badly frightened.  Small wonder.  Inna survived the Holocaust to become a pianist, a teacher, and a composer.  Her compositions reveal her gifts as a musician.  It is indeed strange that, in her old age, she has been transported back to a nightmare where her own government is seeking to destroy her.

Pandra Selivanov is the author of Future Slave, a story about a 21st-century black teenager who goes back in time and becomes a slave in the Old South.

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