Liberty and the ‘woke’

The American people are enduring a relentless woke oppression provoked by liberal elites and delivered by the Democrat Party.  This woke assault is eroding bedrock concepts of western culture.  The woke movement has blurred cultural norms and actively works to instill the perception that disagreement with their narrative is an exhibition of bigotry.  They use the nexus of government and media to oppress freedom of thought, restricting liberty.   

The keystone of American governance is liberty. America’s founding document declares liberty to be an unalienable right provided by our Creator.  For government to suggest that personal thoughts and expressions must be altered to parrot what government purports to be correct is un-American.  

Political factions enjoy the liberty to persuade the public to accept their ideas.  They collect and spend great sums of money to accomplish this.  It is incumbent upon the American people to understand these ideas and accept or reject them based on their merit.  Political factions have no right or authority to use the government as a tool to create and disseminate propaganda to promote their ideas. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what’s happening today.

The State of Washington has determined that “urgency, paternalism, individualism, and objectivity” are aspects of “white supremacy.”  This propaganda is disseminated by the Professional Education Standards Board in Washington for use in educating the state’s children.  Democrats all over the country deny that critical race theory is being taught in public schools.  The state calls its propaganda “indigenous relational pedagogy,” which they claim supports “cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion standards.” 

Image: John Trumbull’s Signing of the Declaration of Independence (edited). Public domain.

Children in Washington State are being taught to suspend logic and reason so woke propaganda will be accepted without question.  When a teacher tells a child that exhibiting “individualism and objectivity” demonstrates evidence of racism, the child will likely accept the pedagogic propaganda as fact, clouding future judgment.  This is immoral and an infringement of liberty.

The same problem exists at the federal level. Upon entering office, Biden issued Executive Order 13985 stating, “a historic movement for justice has highlighted the unbearable human cost of systemic racism.”  In response to the Executive Order, by April 2022, all cabinet departments and 90 agencies responded to Biden’s request for “an ambitious whole of government equity agenda” by publishing equity plans. Systemic racism is a dogma the Biden Administration is disseminating to indoctrinate the American people via the federal bureaucracy. 

The Biden administration is selling this anti-American ideology abroad, too. Biden’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, told an assembly, “the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”   The Chinese no longer need to create anti-American propaganda.  Our government does it for them. 

The Supreme Court ruled in Bostock v Clayton that Americans can’t be discriminated against because of sexual identity or orientation.  This is consistent with the principle of liberty holding that People should be able to express their choices as they see fit so long as no laws are violated.

The woke, unsatisfied with the court’s decision, insist that Americans use pronouns and accept lifestyle choices that defy cultural norms defined by thousands of years of human interaction.  The government demands their employees accept these woke concepts and push them into the culture as a demonstration of equity.  

Equity is an invention of the liberal elite to feed the woke impulse.  The Constitution demands equal protection under the law, not an illiberal government equity policy.  How one chooses to address the woke impulse is an expression of individual liberty and not the business of the government or subject to a court ruling.   

America’s government can’t deny liberty to the people, but the people can abdicate their liberty to an oppressive government.  If parents allow their children’s minds to be warped by government propaganda, they jeopardize their children’s liberty.  If people parrot the prescribed woke liturgy, they surrender their own liberty.  The people and their children become wards of the state only if they choose it.    

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