Proof the fascist far-left opened the border to an illegal invasion to cheat on elections

Two contrasting news stories show that the anti-liberty left only cares about power and not about asylum seekers from socialism. 

A report that the U.S. Coast Guard Returned 177 Cuban Migrants to the Communist Island contrasted with one that DHS Is Helping Illegal Migrants Avoid Deportation is direct proof that this was never about asylum seekers. It was always about setting up a permanent underclass to keep the fascist far-left in power until the country implodes, Cloward-Piven style.

Cuban refugees in their small boat will be sent back

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

Three recent news stories show that the fascist far left never really cared about the plight of asylees or anyone else for that matter. They only care about their power.

But what is the gaslight de jour from the leftist liars (sorry for the redundancy) on the border? 

Do they still laughably claim it’s ‘closed’ or is that just another way of oppressing us? 

Tell us a lie and force us to believe it?  

Nevertheless, it should be obvious to everyone that’s informed -- excluding viewers of the national socialist media of course -- that Biden’s opened the border to an illegal invasion… along with deadly amounts of Fentanyl in the CCP’s version of a new Opium war.

Ostensibly, this is to let in people who have been oppressed under far-left regimes. These are supposed to be asylum seekers, not economic refugees. Thus, you would think that asylum seekers from Communist oppression would be at the top of the list.  But you would be wrong:

Around 177 Cuban migrants who were apprehended off the Florida coast earlier this month were returned to the island by the U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday, CBS Miami reports. 

The Cuban migrants were intercepted earlier in the month by the Coast Guard and repatriated by two Coast Guard cutters. Meanwhile, a group of around two dozen Haitians, who arrived by sailboat from Port-de-Paix, were taken into custody by U.S. Customs and Border Protection upon reaching Virginia Key, a small island near Miami.

So much for taking in asylum seekers, the excuse is that people shouldn’t risk traveling when they don’t have to. Then why have they thrown open the southern border to anyone and anything when the Darien gap is just as treacherous? 

No, the fascist far-left doesn’t want asylum seekers who will oppose them when they get to the states, proof that their rationale for trying to destroy the country overloading it with people is just another big lie.

This is contrasted with the report that DHS Is Helping Illegal invaders Avoid Deportation and that New York City Mayor Eric Adams is calling for a "national solution" and immigration reform. For those unschooled in the ways of the fascist far-left, ‘reform’ has a special meaning for them. Usually, it means taking a problem they caused and exploiting it to expand their power base.

In this case, when they say ‘reform’ due to the illegal invasion crisis, it means rewarding the invaders to make the crisis even worse, while still turning away true asylum seekers.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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