Boys Will Be...?

From the beginning of human history, people have identified themselves as male and female.  This identification is basic, easily understood, and essential for social interaction.  But now liberal elites in the United States demand change to this universal cultural norm.

Recently, during her confirmation hearing, Justice Ketanji Brown could not define what a woman is.  Justice Brown, a well educated person, suggested that only a biologist can answer this question.  Justice Brown was nominated by Democrats who are blurring the meaning of male and female  to redefine sex in American culture.  Ms. Brown was merely bowing to the Democrats that appointed her and the liberal elites she now represents on the Supreme Court.

There are a variety of ways sex may be determined.  The biologists whom Justice Brown deferred to might advise her that a human female has two X chromosomes (XX) and a male has one X and one Y chromosome (XY).  This is a simple test.  Democrats, who proudly proclaim that they follow science, have failed it.

Charles Darwin concluded that life on our planet is the result of natural selection.  The most important selection organisms make is related to reproduction.  In humans, this selection takes place between male and female.  Attempts to reproduce using any other combination will fail.  There is no law, judgement, or executive order that will change this.

Liberals can't change nature, but they won't allow inconvenient facts to limit their intention to change American culture.  Their friends in teachers' unions are determined to teach the country's children to ignore universal cultural norms, science, and common sense and accept that sex and its evocative identities are a drawer full of options, which may be changed like socks.

Another famous scientist, Sigmund Freud, thought many psychological problems that confront humanity are a result of sexual fixations.  Psychology is a complex field, requiring education and training to diagnose and treat a variety of disorders.  These are personal and private matters.  It is doubtful that  teachers' unions, supported with propaganda produced by liberal elites, can safely educate the nation's children on these matters.  This is dangerous and outrageous.

Schools are not clinics in which children may be trained and treated in matters related to sex and sexuality by novice clinicians trained in summer workshops.  These matters are confusing to adults with experiences schoolchildren have yet to encounter.  Liberal elites and their sycophants experimenting in classrooms with matters related to sex will risk the mental health of a generation of children.

Administrators at a middle school in Kiel, Wisconsin recently filed sexual harassment complaints against a 13-year-old boy for incorrect pronoun usage in relation to a classmate's sexual identity.

After learning about the infinite possibilities available in the realm of sexual identity, a middle school student might select a sexual identity that elicits the most notoriety and attention.  A 13-year-old boy, who may not know a pronoun from an adverb, might address this classmate in a way that garners maximum attention for himself.  By making these choices, both children have achieved their goal of obtaining attention.  They have also disrupted the classroom.  If schools continue to teach children sexual identity choices and associated pronoun choices, similar scenarios will play out daily in classrooms across the country.  Boys will be boys...can that sentiment be expressed without fear of reprisal in Joe Biden's America?

While children are taught pronoun choices and sexual identity, academic scores are declining.  Time that could be spent on academic development is consumed teaching children gender choices that will be irrelevant to the vast majority  of them.

If your community insists on teaching children matters related to sex and sexual identity, attend a school board meeting, and insist that the school board stop indoctrinating children with these abstract notions.  If they refuse, replace them.  Citizens of the community should determine school curricula.  This is democracy in action.

People who interact with someone who identifies as transgender have the same liberty  to think for themselves as transexuals, or anyone else, for that matter.  It is every American's right to select language that represents biologic reality in lieu of the doublespeak of the liberal thought police.  There is no reason for Americans to change their language or accept cultural changes based on the machinations and dictates of liberals.  The culture doesn't belong to liberals to manipulate as they please.

The federal government is also involved.  The Biden administration issued an executive order demanding that the federal bureaucracy spread propaganda related to sexuality and sexual identification within federal agencies and extend the indoctrination to the general public at every opportunity.  Biden states that gender identity should not affect "access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports."

The government supports the rights of people to assert their sexual choices and identities.  The government is not, however, the arbiter of culture.  If communities allow school boards, administrators, and teachers to force children to refer to a peer as "them," they are allowing the school to change an ancient cultural norm and supporting the corruption of the English language.  "Them" is plural and can't correctly identify an individual.  If the government demands that males attired as females be allowed to compete in women's sports and use women's restrooms and locker rooms, the government is infringing on the rights of women.

Americans enjoy the liberty to pursue happiness and have equal protection under the law.  Democrats believe that equal protection requires suspension of liberty so the people can be indoctrinated with a reimagined culture.  They want to replace universal cultural norms with an ill conceived grab bag of identities and associated labels.  The culture belongs to the people and is changed at their discretion with their consent, not by government demands to conform to the notions of liberal factions.

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