Hookers descend on World Economic Forum

Most men wouldn't dream of patronizing a prostitute, but among those who do, they might be found in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum.

Sure as the sun comes up, Davos is seeing the great migration of hookers to "service" the conference.

According to Breitbart News:

Sex services are reportedly in high demand in Davos this week, with multiple publications reporting numerous prostitutes and escorts as descending on the Swiss ski resort as it hosts the annual conference of the World Economic Forum.

The spike in demand is not unexpected, with The Times publishing an exposé back in 2020 on the annual meeting, describing it as a “den of prostitution and predators” with professional sex workers attending Davos in large numbers.

Things do not appear any different this year, with multiple publications speaking to sex workers and escort agencies who are attending the event this week.

“So far we have eleven reservations and 25 inquiries for the coming week. But I assume that there will be more,” the managing director of one escort service told Swiss paper 20 Minuten, who told the publication that his employees could be contracted for as many as three days straight to serve clients.

Apparently, it's more than a hundred of them, all coming on their own dime to the expensive Swiss city (where a Caesar salad and a Diet Coke will set you back $60, according to one reporter at the event) because the money is flowing. According to the reports Breitbart cited, it's the official delegates, the corporate CEOs and the diplomats who are partaking in these "offerings." I can't imagine that some of the press wouldn't be "clients," too.

Breitbart reported this guy, a managing director of an escort "service" had this to add:

“Some also book escorts for themselves and their employees to party in the hotel suite.”

How lovely.

Obviously, they are men, not sure what the females do, it is hoped they don't prostitute themselves for all that easy money for sex, too. Call it a man's world at Davos, as the saying used to go.

Which highlights what a bunch of hypocrites these guys are. 

At the World Economic Forum, home of the great reset, they like to tell us what to do. Their very logo this year reads: "Committed to Improving the State of the World." How patronizing hookers accomplishes that is unknown.

But they preen, they hector, they give pious speeches, often about global warming, calling on Americans to eat bugs (yep, see the 47th speaker from Ynsect here), they intone about "inclusion" and "diversity" and "equality" for women but when push comes to shove, they jet in on private planes leaving trails of carbon dioxide, park them together so everyone can see how much money they have, and then get down to business hiring hookers.

All that would be fine and dandy, except that they hold themselves up as the paragon of righteous thinking and insist that the rest of the world adopt their prescriptions. They are particularly loud and pious about women's inclusion, women's rights, womens' roles, with "the economics of women's health" tops on their agenda this year.

How about the role of sex-trafficking for conferences such as these on women's health? Do they encourage their own daughters to take this particular "career path"?

After that, they go party-hearty and don't put that little detail about prostitutes flooding the zone up on the WEF website under a 'women's roles' heading.

Will they come out with a report on the role of hookers in pushing the WEF agenda? Will they set up Yelp reviews for which hooker gives the best "service"? Let's not bet on it.

It would be nice if the press asked every last one of those pious CEOs, officials, activists, and global "thinkers" whether they are patronizing the imported hookers this week in Switzerland, but the press is probably doing the same itself. Meanwhile, the lectures about human trafficking, which nearly always involves some kind of prostitution, were last addressed at WEF in 2015. Let's just say that since then, the WEF has done its part.

With the World Economic Forum becoming a hookerfest, one wonders why anyone would want to listen to a word they say. They are hypocrites in the extreme, and in more ways than one. They are just a hog wallow for the rich to show off. They might as well make themselves into a rock festival. We all know why they are really there. 

Image: World Economic Forum at en.wikimediacommons.com // CC BY-SA 3.0

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