At Davos, John Kerry lets the elitists’ cat out of the bag

Klaus Schwab is not a Nazi. He does not dream of militarized world domination or genocide. However, the man who, as a child, was marinated in the ideas of a master race and thousand-year realm set up his World Economic Forum as a place for the chosen to use Marxist policies to take over and control the world…naturally, of course, for the altruistic purpose of benefitting all the little people, who will have nothing and like it. In other words, the chosen would be gods. And now, thanks to John Kerry, we’ve learned that this is exactly how those WEF participants view themselves.

Even going by the facts about Klaus Schwab in the reliably leftist Wikipedia, he’s an odd bird who, in a sane world, would never have amassed so much power. After Schwab was born in Germany in 1938, his parents moved to Switzerland. However, they moved back to Germany at some point before or immediately after the beginning of WWII so that his father could be the director at the German branch of Escher Wyss AG, a Swiss company that was integral to helping the Nazis work on nuclear weapons.

While there’s no evidence that Schwab’s father, Eugen, was Hitler’s buddy or even an ardent Nazi, it’s clear that Eugen belonged to some Nazi organizations. We don’t know whether he did that because he was a true believer or because it was good for business to hang with the Nazi party.

Image: John Kerry, obviously a god among men. YouTube screen grab.

What we do know is that little Klaus’s formative years were spent in Nazi and post-Nazi Germany. And while the Allies had won the war, that didn’t mean Naziism vanished from Germany. Indeed, one of the reasons America stayed there after the war was because large numbers of citizens, although militarily defeated, were still ardent Nazis. That was little Klaus’s youth.

Fast forward to the WEF (and, again, I’m looking at Wikipedia), and you can see a fascist gloss to it. By this, I don’t mean a Nazi gloss, which implies militarization and race hatred. I mean pure fascism, which is state control via corporatism—that is, unlike pure Marxism, private ownership is allowed, but the means of production are integrated with and subservient to the state. (Kind of like what we have in America, where large corporations, especially tech corporations, take orders from the Democrat party.)

The foundation, which is mostly funded by its 1,000 member companies – typically global enterprises with more than five billion US dollars in turnover – as well as public subsidies, views its own mission as “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”.[2]

It’s no secret that these globalist power brokers dream of a pastoral world unsullied by industry (amusing, given how many how industrialists are involved). However, in their fevered Gaia-centered dreams, everything runs off clean, renewable energy. The clean energy part, though, is a joke. Batteries need rare earths that come from China and Africa at massively polluting mines staffed by virtual slaves, including children. Wind farms and solar arrays kill birds by the millions, and whales don’t seem to fare well either.

Most significantly, though, renewables cannot provide the energy required by today’s world population. Never fear, though. The WEF people have a plan for that; actually, two plans. One approach is to get rid of most of the world’s population, an idea championed by Yuval Noah Harari (although at least one person from the Club of Rome hopes that reducing the population to a billion people is “peaceful”). Incidentally, there are more than 8 billion people on earth, so the population reduction people are dreaming of is upwards of 7 billion people “peacefully” reduced. (That peaceful part is the clue that these people are not Nazis.)

The other approach is the idea that suddenly cropped up during COVID, when we were confined to our homes and, at least for the first week or two, fearing imminent mass death. That notion was that, once the elites have the world under their complete control, we surviving non-elites will “own nothing and be happy.” The fact that most people aren’t on board with that idea, including being consigned to a lifetime of eating bugs as their sole protein source, is irrelevant.

What’s very clear from these policies is that the WEF members see themselves in a god-like way, although not the Judeo-Christian God, who is a moral god. Instead, these guys and gals are more the pagan god types who live it up (private jets, Wagyu beef, and prostitutes) while using random, amoral decision-making to impoverish and kill those who interfere with their desires.

And if you doubt my claim, just check out how John Kerry describes the “select” who gather at Davos to change the world:

Nobody jeered at what he said. Instead, there was just friendly, congenial laughter after Kerry spoke the truth out loud. If that isn’t a pagan god complex, what is?

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