Championing the Republican holdouts

Bad enough the GOPe campaigned against good candidates, bad enough they pulled funding from others, bad enough they have allowed the political imprisonment of J6 protesters to go unchallenged, bad enough they continued to capitulate to the Democrats — but when they allowed the passage of the omnibus bill, tying the hands of the 2023 House of Representatives, they went too far.

Good for the small group willing to risk all for principles too often trampled for short-term gain and self-promotion.  For us to see conservatives stand up and fight, fearing nothing, encourages us.  Let us not fail to pray for them and a wiser, braver 2023 House of Representatives.

But what if the unthinkable happens — one more unfit than the current contender wrests leadership out of the quagmire?  What if their obstinacy delivers the House to the control of our enemies?  We can ask — would the legislative outcome be at all different from the current reality?

The ineffectual current Republican leadership has not proven they are willing to fight for America — for her borders, for her safety and security in town and country, for the stability of her economy or for the perseverance of fundamental rights of speech, defense, and religious worship.

To engage is to risk, with the hope of a good outcome, knowing that we stand by our efforts, come what may.  Not to try is to surrender, and to come back from that position would be harder than losing one battle.  To engage is a gamble, but a skirmish lost may plow the ground for future wins — this is a long war, a marathon, not a sprint.  We take back yielded ground bit by bit, not to be surrendered in back-room, midnight deals.

But we hope the resolve of our core will inspire and embolden our leaders to stand up, hold fast, and be willing to engage for the future of our country, the well-being of our children, and the legacy we leave demands no less.

Dorothy Gable publishes engaging Christian fiction on Amazon and is the author of Dementia Caregiving from a Biblical Perspective: Your Guide for the Journey.

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