Kinzinger cries his way into a CNN gig

So C"N"N (the Cable "News" Network) and the "January 6th Committee" didn't pass bags of cash to each other in front of the cameras on live television...and somehow that makes Americans incapable of seeing the blatant bribery of an American elected official and a major "news" organization?

Sure, Adam Kinzinger landing a job at CNN as he crosses the threshold exiting the Capitol for the last time technically means he wasn't working for CNN and the good folks of Illinois at the "same time" and therefore did nothing "illegal"...

...but how does this transaction not qualify as a bribe?  Seriously, it's a two-way payoff.  CNN is getting a barely "former" U.S. congressman who was on the committee that went after their favorite boogeyman, and a congressman who recently sat on a committee that helped CNN continue its favorite witch hunt is getting what we can assume will be a disproportionately large salary (as he will be a "senior" political consultant) in a "job" that will keep his face in the public eye.  This transaction, while "legal," is the very definition of quid pro quo.

This was a bribe.  A publicly traded corporation paid off the United States House of Representatives for a favor, and the United States House of Representatives paid off a publicly traded corporation for a favor.  

Just a reminder: CNN is cutting staff right now.  CNN is not is laying people off.  This includes on-air talent.  However, if you were a member of the January 6 Committee, CNN can somehow find the financial resources to make an exception, apparently. 

The whole January 6 thing was not a big ratings-getter for CNN (hence the layoffs).  Adam Kinzinger crying on television has a proven track record of making people turn the channel. 

I'm not upset that Adam is going to be on television again.  I would be equally outraged if he were being named vice president of Raytheon, Caterpillar, or Twitter.  Why does this bother me?  He's a private citizen now.  He can take any job he wants.  Right?   

I honestly don't know the legality of a congressman acting in the interests of a publicly traded company and then getting a job with that company later on.  If it is legal, it shouldn't be.  On the other hand, if it is legal, it's pretty likely to continue to be legal.  Nice work if you can get it...

Perhaps I should quit whining and plan a run for Congress!  I'm a gay former bartender willing to compromise my ethics for money!  (Actually, no — which explains why I am not ever going to be in Congress.)  I can even put a tack in my shoe so that I cry about things I really don't care about!  I'm just not telegenic...but then again, have you seen Adam's cryface?

Image: Mark Warner.

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