Biden took classified documents out of the White House, too

President Biden previously had said that it was irresponsible for former President Trump to be in possession of secret documents at Mar-a-Lago.  Now he has been discovered to be in possession of such documents at his former think-tank location for the University of Pennsylvania at his D.C. office.  Don't worry, as the press friends are already trying to distinguish this finding as less critical.  But they fail to note that he had the most sensitive compartmented information.  But they say none were nuclear secrets.  Wow, I am relieved.

These were uncovered in November but mentioned only now, when A.G. Merrick Garland appointed John Lausch, Jr., the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, to investigate.  Of course, he will pursue Biden with the vigor with which the Justice Department goes after Trump and his allies.  After all, he was appointed by Trump and is a holdover.  This reminds me of the special counsel from Connecticut, who has yet to jail any bureaucratic swamp rats.  The announcement comes while Biden is attending the Meeting of the Americas, diminishing the sting of the information.

By the way, the president has full authority to declassify documents, but the vice president has no such authority.   Will this play any role in the outcome?  More likely, it will be overlooked by the politicized Justice Department.

As an aside, Penn paid Biden handsomely for his limited services.  Incidentally, the university received substantial funds from Chinese sources.  What a coincidence.  See a pattern in any of this?

The GOP leadership now has more motivation for investigations of the White House.  James Comer will head the Oversight Committee, which has jurisdiction over the National Archives, which was heavy-handed with Trump but less so with Biden.  I am shocked.  They will say that the Biden lawyers were more cooperative than the Trump staff.  But by now the pattern is so obvious.  If the GOP can accumulate real evidence, then a future administration (from the GOP if 2024 goes well) might pursue litigation against the criminals.  I won't hold my breath, since I do plan to see my daughter have a family one day.

Just as the Homeland Security Department sanitized the El Paso area visited by Biden on Sunday, we can expect much cleaning of any evidence that would put then–vice president Biden in jeopardy.  It is nice to have swamp rats that are good at cleaning up messes.

We must make sure that the cookie jar contains wholesome ingredients that will prevent any recognition of the hypocrisy that is rampant in Washington.  Afterall, we have found the president's hand in the cookie jar, but it is likely that this issue will fade from the media reports quickly.  Omission is well practiced in journalism and is better discounted than absolute lying.  Pravda would be proud.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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