Behold the face of obsessive white guilt

I am not a psychiatrist, and this is only my opinion, but the woman who made a 38-second video picked up by Libs of TikTok is an example of pathological white guilt.  What she says, via Grabien:  

I got a message today for some white people, if we have white people listening, paying attention. I wouldn't mind if you did this with me, we rub our chests, we find our heartbeat, and we say we did this. We did this. White supremacy did this. I'm talking about Tyre Nichols. Police didn't do this. The Memphis Police Department didn't do this. White supremacy did this.

Sorry, but I am white, and I had zero to do with this, lady.  The five cops in Memphis, all of whom are black, did it.  Their police department had a culture that did not cause anyone among them to stop the beating or bring prompt medical aid.  Stop slandering me and other white people!

Photo credit: Grabien video screen grab.

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