Kevin McCarthy must go 'Pelosi' on the House's growing ranks of RINOs

House speaker Kevin McCarthy barely won his leadership post as House speaker, based on fears from the GOP faithful that he would go soft on Democrats.

He won after a lot of dickering, with, among others, the House Freedom Caucus, and since then has been a pleasant surprise, booting two odious Democrats, Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, from the House Intelligence Committee for assorted miscreances along with a healthy dollop of payback for their outrageous bootings of Republicans from House committees when they had the majority.  Better still, he defended his move with lion-like ferocity to the pair's enraged media allies.

Good job, Kev.

But there are said to be problems with the booting of the third Democrat member of the House who needs booting, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  That booting, unlike that of the other two, must be done by a majority of House members.  And there is a growing contingency of GOP representatives who are now supporting her presence on the committee, claiming they don't want to play games with their Democrat "colleagues," so no political retaliation is necessary.

Who the hell could defend Omar?

She's one of the most consistently anti-American of all House members, whose political stances are indistinguishable from those of fourth-world "intellectuals," all full of "confusion and resentment" as Bob Tyrrell once put it, the same thing described in the writings of such characters by Nobel literature laureate V.S. Naipaul. 

She's engaged in probable immigration fraud, accused even by a Somali community leader in Minnesota of marrying her brother to bypass U.S. immigration laws, a charge that needs to be investigated, given the conflict of interest it presents as Congress sets border laws.

That's compounded by questions as to whether she herself entered the U.S. as a Somali refugee under her true identity. 

And she is absolutely famous for the kind of anti-Semitism so common among fourth-world "intellectuals," effectively claiming that Jews rule the world, see, because it's "all about the benjamins."

Does anyone get scummier than this?  Oh, but there's more, lots more.

She's been accused of illegal ballot-harvesting, having been subject to a Project Veritas video of an operative who claimed to have done just that from the trunk of his car.  Fourth world?  Yep — if so, she's brought in a whole new fourth-world way of doing "democracy."  The videos have yet to be adequately investigated, and the whole case seems to have been dismissed.

She's carried on with her rabid advocacy for Palestinian terrorists through her support for the anti-Israel "boycott, divest, and sanctions" movement so popular on the international far left.  She even introduced a BDS bill in Congress, in what must have been another "first."

She's also trivialized the 9-11 terrorist attacks as "some people did something," but the important thing was her precious conveniences, which she falsely claimed were her "civil liberties" under attack.  Terror attack, schmerror attack, despite the fact that many people who "look like her" were murdered.

She's also palled around with Iran and its allies.  Anyone who questions this is billed as full of "Islamophobia," and Omar loves to play the victim.  The Arab press has openly wondered why she has such fascination for radical Islamists.

Anyone surprised?

Give us a break.  This person is so far from the American mainstream that she shouldn't be anywhere near the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Yet there are GOP House members who insist she should be, because they don't want to "play games" with Democrats, despite the crummy little number the Democrats did on two Republicans, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona.

Who is this group, and why is its numbers growing?

Rajan Laad has done an excellent piece on the GOP group that wants to play nice with Democrats, naming GOP Reps. Victoria Spartz of Indiana and Ken Buck of Colorado.  His link to Axios rounds out the list with David Valadao of California, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, and possibly David Joyce of Ohio, who doesn't seem to understand why political payback helps keep Democrats honest.  "Two wrongs do not make a right," Spartz piously intoned, as if this were some sort of kindergarten and she was the all-knowing teacher who's above it all.  An additional loss on the vote front is Rep. Greg Steube of Florida, who, through no fault of his own, was significantly injured in a fall at his home and who won't be able to take the floor for House votes for a few weeks.

McCarthy has shown his chops in going after these miscreant Democrats and their games-playing, but this is far from all he has to do.

He also needs to go after RINOs before their numbers multiply.  He's got only a ten-vote majority in this game, and already analysts are saying he's in for a tough slog.

If this measure to keep Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Committee fails because these Republicans side with the Democrats, McCarthy has got to be ready to punish them, the way Pelosi could punish Democrats for veering from their party line, or there will be no party discipline whatsoever in the supposedly GOP House.  He will have no control.

Pelosi, like McCarthy, combatted a radical "squad" of far-left Democrats in Congress during her last term and effectively got them to vote the way she wanted.  Democrats have never diverged from the party line on voting issues, and that's solely because they feared Pelosi.

McCarthy cannot use his narrow majority as an excuse to go soft, nor can he use the narrow majority by which he was elected speaker, because Pelosi came into her final term as speaker under the exact same conditions.  It didn't stop her from ruthlessly enforcing order even among her most rebellious Democrats, and she left office hailed as the most effective House speaker in generations.

Does McCarthy have that kind of moxie?  He has shown signs of it with his smack-down of Democrats, but he needs to continue to learn from Pelosi about how to be a powerful House speaker instead of a weak one.

Pelosi was ruthless with the Democrats' dissidents in her ranks, she used political muscle on them, and she always got what she wanted.  Can McCarthy be just as ruthless?  He can yank perks, pull committee assignments, refuse to approve junket travel, and other things from these RINOs to teach them that the GOP must hang together or else hang separately.  They can still participate as members, but only if they do what the House speaker asks them to do; their adventures into RINOdom at times when it counts won't be tolerated.  Democrats were scared to death of Pelosi on these grounds, and while it is tough to sanction one's fellow party members (not for the lizard-like Pelosi, of course, who has no conscience, but for a normal person), Republicans should be not at all different.

McCarthy needs to be just as tough with RINOs as he is with Democrats.  Can he pass this test?

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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