Ron DeSantis threatens to sue Big Pharma over the COVID shots

Debra Heine writes that Florida governor Ron DeSantis has indicated he will sue pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer and Moderna come to mind) for allegedly making false claims and deceiving the public intentionally about the efficacy and safety of their COVID-19 mRNA shots (they aren't and never were vaccines).

Governor DeSantis and Florida surgeon general Joseph Ladapo, M.D. will gather evidence and medical studies showing that the eventual defendants intentionally and knowingly told the public that the mRNA shots were safe when they knew that the shots had multiple levels of harm, from moderate to lethal.  As a teaser to the litigation proposal, DeSantis asserted that the mRNA shots for COVID caused a significant increase in heart-related side-effects that are potentially deadly.  He said Pfizer and Moderna will be held accountable.

The U.S. government issued an Emergency Use Authorization allowing all of the mRNA shots for COVID to be distributed and injected.  As part of that authorization, the government granted immunity to the manufacturers.  The proposed Florida action, however, is based on alleged fraud and deception.

The Florida action would be in the mode of the lawsuit that Brook Jackson, who worked for Ventavia Research Group, which conducted Pfizer's phase III safety and efficacy trial in 2020, filed accusing Pfizer of committing fraud, abuse, and protocol violations in its COVID efficacy and safety trials.  As attorneys would say, fraud, if proven, vitiates (that is, nullifies or extinguishes) everything, putting an end to the EUA immunity grant.

Image: Vaccination by freepik.

By now, everyone is aware of reports and studies about a wide array of problems attributed to the shots — everything from clots to strokes to heart inflammation and, of course, sometimes fatal heart rhythm problems.

According to Heine, in his new book, Cause Unknown, Ed Dowd, formerly with BlackRock, reports that the data are very troublesome, showing excess deaths in middle-aged, working Americans, called sudden death syndrome (likely from cardiac rhythm disturbances), increased in 2021 over 2020, coincident to the shot distributions.  Mr. Dowd also discusses non-COVID deaths in the 18–64 age group.  He reports an increase in medical problems in the middle-aged, employed population that is not easy to explain if you ignore possible mRNA side-effects.

"Something is going on with our workforce," Dowd said, lamenting that the corporate media refuses to address what looks like a "huge problem."

Florida is a good test case state for the lawsuit because DeSantis already signed legislation in November 2021 banning vaccine mandates in schools and businesses.  He has said that he is confident that the resistance to vaccine mandates was correct, and he assured the public that he will not go quietly on the issue of pharma and other actor misconduct and fraud on the issue of the COVID shots.

DeSantis stated, "We've always gotten ahead of these things, and we're going to continue to do that going forward."

John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D. is a retired emergency physician and inactive attorney in Brownwood, Texas.

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