Globalist communists ramp up the rhetoric against the unvaccinated

The buzzwords read: major killing forcedevastating impactextremism, and aggression.  That's wartime language — so who's the enemy?

Well, the unvaccinated.

According to Frank Bergman at Slay News:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled unvaccinated people a 'major killing force globally' in a new campaign being promoted on social media.

The ... new video ... targets 'anti-vaccine activism' by blasting those who choose not to be vaccinated for supporting 'anti-science aggression.'

The video features pediatrician and vaccine advocate Dr. Peter Hotez who laments the 'devastating impact of misinformation and disinformation' regarding Big Pharma's Covid shots.

Hotez goes on to link the so-called 'anti-science aggression' of people who refuse the Covid vaccines as 'far-right extremism.'

The professor continues by making several unsupported claims that 'anti-vaccine activism' now 'kills more people' than terrorism, gun violence, and several other crimes.

He then alleges that 'anti-science' has become a 'political movement.'

(Darn right, it has, but it's exclusively on the left — abortion, "gender-affirming health care," Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.)

Per the Genocide Education Project, the fourth step toward genocide is "dehumanization" and the description includes this sentence:

At this stage, hate propaganda ... is used to make the victims seem like villains.

(Other sources recognize this step as the one which "alienates" the victim from "mainstream" society.)

What's strange is, we've already seen this movie time and time again — Nazi Germany and Rwanda are some of the first instances that to come to mind.

The enemy, or the "villain," is the unvaccinated — they've made that clear — and if history is any indication of what comes next, oppressors don't just stop when they reach the fourth stage of genocide.

But the modern era adds a twist: the "villain" or the "enemy" isn't so articulately defined — the "War on Terror" being the prime example.  Without defining the enemy, the enemy can be whatever Ingsoc, I mean, whatever, or whoever the WHO says it is.  Furthermore, this should be a sobering moment to everyone, because the definition of "vaccinated" and "unvaccinated" changes as the wind blows.  No one is safe when genocidal wannabes run the world.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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