55,000 migrants begin to mass toward the U.S. southern border

The Biden administration would have you think that the large numbers of migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally is just 'seasonal,' the border is "secure," and every one of these illegal migrants has a 'right' to an extended and cost-free asylum hearing process extending for years, not including appeals, with free work permits in the interim.

Incentives put out by the Biden administration to come on over  -- shutting down construction of the border wall, ending the Remain in Mexico policy, ending the Trump-era treaties with Central America, halting deportations, extending benefits, free transport, free cell phones, free medical care, free hotels, free vaccines, plus zero jailtime for breaking and entering, would have nothing to do with it.

Well, with word out that Title 42 expulsions on COVID concerns is ending as of December 21, that pretty well puts paid to the nonsense that there's nothing unusual about the large numbers of foreign nationals making a rush to the U.S. border to get in while the getting's good.

The migrants have heard the message about the end of Title 42 ... and they are coming.

According to Breitbart News

A Border Patrol intelligence alert warns the situation along the southwest border is expected to worsen as tens of thousands of migrants prepare to move to the United States border from southern Mexico. According to a source within CBP, the report, sent via official email, advises Border Patrol agents that more than 40,000 migrants in southern Mexico may soon head north.

The report, reviewed by Breitbart Texas, indicates more than 30,000 migrants are believed to be staged in the Mexican State of Chiapas along the Mexico/Guatemala border. The destination of these migrants was not revealed in the alert according to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection, not authorized to speak to the media.

According to the alert, migrants positioned in Chiapas are currently seeking travel documents from the government of Mexico that will allow them to begin the journey north and legally leave the Mexican border state. Absent the issuance of permits from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration (INM), the migrants will have to travel through the country illegally, risking enforcement action from INM or Mexico’s National Guard.

The same report warns of an additional group of 10,000 to 15,000 migrants in the Mexican state of Oaxaca may already be on the move. More alarming is the information indicating the entire group may be headed directly to Juarez, Chihuahua, directly across from El Paso, Texas. where the agency is struggling to manage migrant crossings at their current level.

So the U.S. is about to take in as many as 55,000 new foreign nationals just because they want to come? Add the 40,000 initial figure, with the 15,000 en route from Chiapas and it's 55,000 for this month alone.

So much for the Constitutional mandate that Congress alone shall set the numbers of foreign nationals to be allowed into the U.S. for immigration purposes.

The specter of 55,000 people from more than 100 countries now amassing at our border is going to make some impressive video for Fox News and any news outlet that bothers to cover what's happening in this area of the country that Joe Biden won't visit.

After all, 55,000 people is about the size of a small city, matching or coming close to the populations of cities such as: Corvallis, Oregon; Pocatello, Idaho; New Brunswick, New Jersey; Redmond, Washington; Taunton, Massachusetts, Fountain Valley, California; or Casper, Wyoming. Every citizen in those cities can be matched to an illegal alien on the buddy system. Or more to the point, 55,000 people is the equivalent to about a twelfth or thirteenth of a congressional seat and some leftist judge ruled that illegal immigrants must be counted in the Census to determine how many congressional seats are to be issued per 700,000 residents. Keep numbers of illegals flowing like this for a year and sure enough, their numbers will create the equivalent of another congressional seat. There are already 5 million illegal immigrants who have already gotten in, so do the math.

More immediately, now even the blue cities are screaming. They're the ones who get the illegal immigrants dumped on them, and all we can see from this are extended costs to them to care for this illegal population. Blue cities such as Denver are beginning to howl with the arrival of 900 illegal immigants. California's Gov. Gavin Newsom has stated that a new wave of illegals will "break" California. New York's mayor has complained that migrant arrivals have displaced the city's homeless in shelters. Arizona's governor-elect has made noises about protecting Arizonans from the incoming migrant wave. The list goes on and on and those complaining now are blue city leaders who are presumed allies of Joe Biden and its policies.

It seems logical that this should end it, but it doesn't. The Biden administration continues to operate on the assumption that the whole thing will blow over until a new news cycle item can get going. Cities, meanwhile, are being stuck with the tab and no federal help. And as many observers have noted, the Bidenites have absolutely no plan in place for this huge upsurge in illegal migrants.

It looks like a recipe for disaster for the Bidenites, given that the screams are coming from its allied side now, instead of the dreaded Texans and Floridians, whom the Bidenites had dismissed as racist xenophobes.

The migrants are coming and the Bidenites are ignoring it and something is going to give.

Image: Screenshot from ABC News video via YouTube 


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