Rainn Wilson takes on a new name for ‘climate change’

If you’ve never seen the television show The Office, you likely don’t know who Rainn Wilson is — excuse me, “Rainnfall Heatwave Rising Sea Levels And We Have To Do Something About It Now Wilson”. Wilson’s character, Dwight Schrute, is a total nerd, has obsessive behaviors, and completely lacks social awareness; one could reasonably assume he has Asperger’s. However, it seems as though Mr. Wilson wasn’t just acting; his real-life self is becoming indistinguishable from the fictional person of Mr. Schrute. Watch the video below:

Clearly reading from a script — as if that doesn’t just scream ‘disingenuous’ — Wilson declares the reason behind the social media name change is to raise awareness for climate change, but even himself describes the move as a “cheap little stunt.”

I’m sorry, the cause is so dire, but it doesn’t warrant more of a sacrifice than a “cheap little stunt”? How are we supposed to take him and his “cause” seriously? Truth is, I can’t.

Even if humans are impacting the weather so much it translates into widespread and irreversible “climate change” — which I don’t believe to be the case — I, nor anyone I know, is willing to forgo nutritious food (crickets are a hard ‘no’ for myself and my children, and it’s a hill on which I’ll gladly die), or the convenience and (relative) affordability of a personal vehicle (or a myriad of other modern luxuries we all have thanks to a petroleum-powered world). Oddly, just watching the video, I see Wilson himself enjoying products undoubtedly manufactured by the industry often blamed for “climate change”: he’s using some sort of earbud (plastic), I see books jacketed in glossy paper (plastic), he’s obviously relaying his message using a computer of sorts (plastic and a lithium battery which requires tremendous amounts of refined petroleum to mine), at last he holds up his new iPhone (again, plastic and lithium).

“Climate colonizer!” I ought to shout….

Furthermore, people rising from Third World conditions would absolutely rebuff an agenda which would keep them living in rudimentary huts with inadequate food sources.

Wilson’s move reflects the average “climate change” activist — completely unaware of their hypocrisy, and making the most useless and subpar efforts to do anything about the issue that is “bad news” for us all.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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