Pete Buttigieg and the hypocrisy of the climate change fanatics

Joe Biden's secretary of transportation, Pete Buttigieg, has been criticized for using taxpayer-funded private jets for his travels.

This comes after all the nonsense that he, as well as his morbidly climate-obsessed colleagues, have also been using private jets as transportation.

Buttigieg has taken at least 18 private flights at the expense of the taxpayer.

This is the same person who has advocated for curbing air travel on the grounds that it harms the environment. 

But wait a second.

An important study from Europe reported by Reuters found that private jets emit five to 14 times as much pollution as commercial jets.

Where is the logic there?  These "climate activists" are calling for cutting access to commercial air travel while they fly on private planes, wasting your money.  So much for saving the climate, huh?

Then there is John Kerry, the "climate czar" for the Biden administration and crafter of the 2016 Paris Climate Accord during the Obama administration.

Remember when John Kerry gave a ludicrous speech at the United Nations earlier this year, talking about the "essence" of saving our environment? 

Of course, everyone is for a salutary environment.  Yet the proposals by the blithering hypocrites, also known as the Democrats, are anything but favorable for the environment.  When John Kerry gave his speech, he spoke of the usual farce.  He talked an awful lot about curbing fossil fuels and roping in private enterprise to the green agenda.  How can he be a proponent of curbing air travel while he and his family have burned over 300 metric tons of carbon in the year of 2021 alone, as reported by Fox News?  Is it deliberate?  I truly believe it is.

There's also Bernie Sanders, the revered socialist "independent" from Vermont.  Sanders is another politician who isn't just a hypocrite, but a complete moron.

Usually, that is the case with people who believe in the merit of socialist ideals.  As reported by VTDIGGER, a Vermont-oriented news website, Bernie Sanders hauled in more than $25 million in campaign cash in just the third quarter of 2019, of which he spent $360,350 on private air travel.  That money comes from the pocketbooks of hardworking Americans.

This is why Democrats want increased taxation.  Less money for you, more for them.  It is a slap in the face to all of us by these corrupt politicians, they expect us to abdicate our ways and to allow them to continue their ways, because who are we?  They believe themselves to be morally superior to us.  We are just matter to them, and it shows based on the way they govern.

Always remember that as these "dignitaries" go out and give speeches on "global warming," they themselves are going against the farce ideology they are spreading.

As soon as John Kerry had given his speech in 2020, he hopped on his private plane back to Washington, D.C.  If I could get a dollar for the number of times Kerry and his colleagues have mentioned curbing air travel and carbon emissions, I would be a billionaire.  However, they do not care.

These politicians will use your money time and time again for air travel, while proposing legislation that could prohibit you from getting on a plane.  Yet they can always get on a plane whenever they have the ardor.  This is totalitarianism.  Let's call it for what it is: a total power-grab by the "elites."

Accordingly, no one really believes in the lies pushed by the left concerning "climate change." 

Does climate change?  Of course the climate changes.  One day it's rainy, and the other it's sunny, especially here in South Florida.

All the climate "activists" want is power — power over you, power over your families.  All they want is for you to kneel before them and revere them as your god.  Yet we will never do such a thing.  Just think about all the hypocrisy that the left demonstrates.  They want you to abdicate your way of life for the convenience of their own.  They find Americans struggling as auspicious.  These are the people who represent our country.  They are the same with illegal immigration, too.  Remember when Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegals to the Utopian paradise, Martha's Vineyard?  The residents grew angry and called DeSantis nasty names.  Yet the same people are for the illegal immigration of millions of people into the United States so long as they go elsewhere.  See their true colors?

Overall, the Democrat party has grown into a party of hypocrisy and nescience.  Now more than ever, they use actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, the esteemed climate "genius," to spread the word about how morally inferior we are, driving gasoline-powered cars and eating beef.  However, DiCaprio has also predominantly used private air travel as his means of transportation, but you never hear that from the media or from the DiCaprio himself.

This is what we are up against.  How can people be so blind?  Is it because they choose to be blind and not pay attention to the hypocrisy?  Just remember that these climate morons are the people running our nation.  God help our country.

Anthony Gonzalez is a student in high school.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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