Canada’s euthanasia program sets its sights on children

Let this serve as a warning to the pro-abortion conservatives: compromising on innocent life opens Pandora’s Box and unleashes murder.

From a piece published at The National Post just five days ago and authored by Tristin Hopper:

Just as Ottawa publicly acknowledges that its assisted suicide regime might have gone too far, critics have highlighted the existence of a little-known medical assistance in dying children’s activity book that was funded by the Canadian government.

We’ve seen dystopian stories of who exactly Trudeau’s government has targeted with their euthanasia program — those suffering from hearing loss, the poor, etc. — but now, children are in the crosshairs.

Hopper asserts that the publisher declared the activity book was not meant for children themselves seeking assisted suicide, but rather for “young people who have someone in their life who may have MAID” — but the social conditioning of the publication is conspicuous (the target audience is children between the ages of six and 12). As Hopper also notes, “there has been a push by the Quebec College of Physicians to extend the practice to severely disabled newborns.”

The booklet’s language and presentation are pure propaganda with its childlike scrawls and elementary lexicon meant to evoke sympathy and compassion. With the exception of the satanic content, the simple vocabulary choices remind me of the books I read to my own young boys before bed: it’s written just like a kid’s book. Despite evidence to the contrary, the publication ensures that MAID is only a last resort when a disability, or mental or terminal illness “hurts their [the recipient’s] body or mind so much that it feels too hard to keep living.”

Per Hopper:

Children are guided through the “three medicines” that constitute the lethal injection process, and are urged not to attempt to change the mind of a family member who has opted for assisted death. “As much as other people may want to change their mind, the person who is choosing MAID probably wishes just as strongly that they could change their illness or condition and how it is affecting their life,” it reads.

The booklet explains that, “The first medicine makes the person feel very relaxed and fall asleep. They may yawn or snore or mumble.”

(A tone of innocence to cover over the suffering of a patient and premeditated murder.)

See images below:

The writing is on the wall. Conceding to depravity doesn’t buy a ceasefire, it just buys you the slightest bit of time. Wickedness is never satiated, and believing so would be pure folly. Governments throughout history hold the record for mass murder: age has never mattered, why would it now?

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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