Canadian government prepares to 'expand care' and euthanize more of its citizens

Last year, Canada's euthanasia program took the lives of more than 10,000 people.  As we all know, communism is a philosophy of "despotic inroads," and its adherents (Justin Trudeau and his government comrades) have an insatiable appetite for death and murder.  They're only just getting started.

According to Daily Mail report published last week:

Canada, a country that prides itself on its open-mindedness and tolerance, has the most permissive rules on euthanasia in the world — and the results have been frankly terrifying.

Last year, more than 10,000 people in Canada — astonishingly that's over three percent of all deaths there — ended their lives via euthanasia, an increase of a third on the previous year. And it's likely to keep rising: next year, Canada is set to allow people to die exclusively for mental health reasons.

Who knew that genocide rides in under the banner of "progress"?  Furthermore, what a grotesque abdication of professional responsibility and duty.  We've seen what a poisoned medical establishment looks like before — Nazi Germany being the prime example — and we're seeing it now.  The role of the physician is to heal, not harm, and when execution becomes treatment, the wellspring has been polluted.

But Canada's medical community isn't the only one that's infected with a virus of inverted morality — philosophies of commoditized life now permeate the medical sectors around the world.  American "doctors" and institutions lead the way when it comes time to sexual mutilation — excuse me, "gender-affirming health care" — and baby butchery, or rather, "reproductive justice."  After all, "justice" and "affirming health care" equate to "progress" — we can't be returning to the Dark Ages, where the innocence of children was protected at all costs, or human life was valued as sacred.  That would be so backwards.

It comes down to this: both the Canadian and American medical communities (as a whole) have abandoned their "do no harm" objective in favor of money.  "Gender-affirming health care" like surgical and hormonal interventions is a booming and lucrative business, and medically executing patients in need of health care zeroes out expenses.  Per the same Daily Mail piece:

A 2017 Canadian study suggested medically-assisted dying could reduce health care spending in the country by as much as $137 million a year.

Compromising on innocent life is a slippery slope — and in the West, we've seen the acceptance of abortion open the door to where we're at now.  First it was legalized abortion in 1973, then legalized euthanasia for the terminally ill in 2021, now euthanasia for the mentally ill, and next...?  Well, euthanasia for the poor.

Another Daily Mail article from three days ago noted:

A Canadian pensioner seeking euthanasia because he fears homelessness has received approval from a doctor despite admitting poverty is a major factor in the decision to end his own life.

Les Landry, 65, told assessors for the procedure he 'doesn't want to die' but has applied for medical assistance in dying (MAID) because he can't afford to live comfortably.

Astonishingly, a doctor has given one of the two signatures required for Landry to end his own life, despite knowing that financial hardship — not illness — is a leading reason for the profound decision.

Yet this is what happens when you socialize medicine — human life is nothing more than a dollar sign.

In 1948, Churchill loosely quoted a well known Spanish philosopher and said, "Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it."  Well, we're the canary in the coalmine, but not many are listening.

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