Canada is ground zero for Nuremberg 3.0

Under the leadership of Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet of Klaus Schwab pupils, Canadian "health" officials appear to be euthanizing slightly disabled but otherwise healthy adults.  As detailed in a recent report by The Washington Post, 61-year-old Alan Nichols was put to death by medical "professionals" after he was hospitalized for fears he may be "suicidal."  Nichols's family cried foul, arguing that the application for assisted suicide lacked any serious justification, as the sole reason on the request was "hearing loss."

According to the WaPo report:

Disability experts say the story is not unique in Canada, which arguably has the world's most permissive euthanasia rules — allowing people with serious disabilities to choose to be killed in the absence of any other medical issue. ...

[H]uman rights advocates say the country's regulations lack necessary safeguards, devalue the lives of disabled people [emphasis added] and are prompting doctors and health workers to suggest the procedure to those who might not otherwise consider it.

Devalue the lives of disabled people.  Where have we seen this before?

As World War II neared, the German government implemented policies of social execution, collaborating with the medical community to save resources (both material and financial) for the inevitable bloodshed.  The first targets were the elderly and the handicapped.  After they were disposed of, the German government shifted gears, and all patients in state institutions filled out questionnaires, which were then submitted to a board of physicians who would determine their fates based on the provided answers.  Some of those slated for death included children with polio and those suffering from Parkinson's, paralysis, and brain tumors.

And of course, disturbing euphemisms play(ed) a role in supporting a pro-death agenda.  In Nazi-era Germany, "Realm's Work Committee of Institutions for Cure and Care" was the agency responsible for collecting the surveys, while the "Charitable Transport Company for the Sick" shipped the infirm to the infamous killing centers.  Under Canadian rule today, coerced euthanasia is known as "death with dignity."

Medical professionals willingly collaborated with the pro-death policies of Hitler's regime, and that same sin is echoing through the ages and being perpetrated by government leaders today.  Stories of coerced euthanasia should come as no surprise, though —  disregarding the sanctity of life is a slippery slope.  In a culture that not only tolerates, but brazenly promotes a grotesque practice like abortion, it's only a matter of time before it devolves into the genocide of born populations.

Image: Swearing-In Day Trudeau Cabinet, Environment and Climate Change Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (resized for compatibility)

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