Tiffany Trump's beautiful wedding -- and the left's ugly response

Most of us don't know much about Tiffany Trump, President Trump's only daughter by actress Marla Maples. She's not a political animal, and she's stayed out of politics generally. Much of what we do hear of her makes us feel pity, given that people cannot separate her from her father. But as when we do see her, as we did when she spoke with that gorgeous deep voice at the GOP convention in 2020, the reaction is 'wow.'

Here are a few tweets of her wedding pictures, which happened at Trump's castle at Mar-a-Lago in Florida on Saturday:







She's just so ... beautiful. Her traditional wedding gown by Lebanese designer Elie Saab is a stunner, demure, utterly feminine, beautifying.

Is it not the most beautiful wedding gown of any prominent person ever seen? I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful one.

It's such a far cry from the sleazy nightclub lounge singer gowns seen on a lot of celebs and their imitators in recent years. It's nothing like the strapless Barbie gowns seen on countless brides that render the look utterly generic. It isn't some calculated beauty queen number. Nor is it the corporate "power gown" look seen as it was on the likes of Meghan Markle, anxious to show us all how prestigious she was. 

It was just beautiful. It was unique, its own classic fashion, and Tiffany was a beautiful bride in those pictures. One can only hope that she's as beautiful on the inside as out and her marriage to Michael Boulos, who is the son of a wealthy Lebanese Christian businessman, is a long-lasting and happy one. The wedding would have benefited from a church ceremony, but we don't actually know that they didn't have one off camera. What we saw was simply a new vision of 'beautiful bride' at a beautiful family wedding.

It was a nice diversion for the public from the ongoing political turmoil, but don't look to the left to take a break from its usual ugliness.

I saw tweets on Twitter with disgusting comments like these:



















These people are gross.

There's not a thing they won't politicize, uglify, or spew cynicism about. One can only hope that any of the Trumps don't see this sort of thing. I suppose it's naive to think it doesn't happen a lot in the political world. But it was a beautiful wedding, with a beautiful bride, and all they could produce from it were the deposits of their ugly little minds. Well, lucky us, now we know what's in them.

Image: Twitter screen shot 


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