Democrats want to help us, so long as we don’t nominate Trump to the 2024 ticket

Peggy Noonan, an anti-Trumper writing for The Wall Street Journal, says Republicans must examine their policies or they will lose their fourth election in a row in 2024. That would mean they lost in 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024.

In 2020, when Biden “won” a record number of votes, Democrats somehow lost 12 seats in the House. I wouldn’t necessarily call that winning. Isn’t it odd that “most votes in history” Biden had negative coattails? A bunch of people voted for Biden, then Republican down the rest of the ticket? But of course the media tells the public that the election was the “most secure in American history” and critical thinkers should just shut up. 

Isn’t it pathetic how long the vote counting takes? Remember, be a good little subject and never question elections if Democrats win. If Democrats lose, then, then it’s okay to ask for transparency — being an “election denier” is acceptable, but only under certain conditions. 

In 2022, Republicans won six million more votes than Democrats, despite the fact those numbers didn’t reflect in securing a congressional takeover. How does that indicate that conservative policies are losing? And where’s all the talk about “democracy” and how “unfair” the electoral system is now?

In 2008, when Obama won, Republicans were told by the media and political pundits that they must move left or they would never win again. They were told that they could never win the Hispanic vote without conceding, because demographics were changing rapidly.

Instead they moved right with the Tea Party and over the next eight years they won over 1,000 seats nationwide. I do not recall the media, including Noonan, telling Democrats that these massive losses indicated that the Democrats must analyze their policies and move right. But maybe they should?

Three days ago, The Atlantic reported:

The left has alienated America’s fastest-growing group of voters [Hispanics] just when they were supposed to give the party a foolproof majority.

The author went on, saying:

I came to Arizona looking to answer the question of why, over the past few years, so many Hispanics have fled the Democratic Party. This exodus is evident across numerous countries, congressional districts, and battleground states, but the stakes seem highest in Arizona, where Republicans are promoting a slate of extremist candidates and counting on Hispanic voters to help put them in office.

As it turns out, conservative values do resonate with Hispanic voters — news flash Democrats, hard-working Americans desire peace and prosperity.

When Trump won the White House in 2016, the media didn’t write stories about him winning. Instead, we got continuous attacks and investigations. Most of the media and other Democrats were election deniers. We had riots, endless investigations and lies about Russian collusion. Hillary, Biden, and others denied Trump won for four years by calling Trump an illegitimate president during his entire tenure.

No matter how successful, and popular Trump’s domestic and foreign policies were, Democrats, with the support of the sycophant media, obstructed Trump every step of the way.

Democrats now claim that the filibuster is racist — but they used it over 300 times in 2020 to obstruct Trump. I don’t recall Noonan or the rest of the media telling the Democrats to reject a racist maneuver and work with Trump to unite the country.

How much more successful would a Trump presidency have been if the media and other Democrats hadn’t spent all their efforts trying to sabotage Trump?

I would challenge Peggy Noonan and all people pretending to be journalists, to explain to the public which of the following Democrat policies are popular and promote economic growth and prosperity in the private sector:

  1. The destruction of affordable, and independent energy.

  2. No bail laws, even for vicious criminals.

  3. Open borders and the incentive for human trafficking.

  4. Intrusive and burdensome regulations on small businesses, including wage laws.

  5. Men dominating and subjecting women by erasing biological sex.

  6. No school choice, especially for minority children trapped in failing schools.

  7. Pro-murder policies of children through all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason, at the expense of the taxpayer.

  8. Medical tyranny.

  9. Debt “forgiveness” — transferring the debt from the borrower to the shoulders of those who didn’t sign the loan documents.

How many votes did Democrats weasel out because the media pushed a narrative that women would die without access to abortion?

How many votes did Biden buy with his unconstitutional action to have taxpayers assume the debt of others?

How many more Republicans would win if the media just reported facts about policies instead of campaigning for radical, leftist policies to remake and destroy America? (This is assuming the election process was fair.)

Would Trump have won in 2020 if the media, Justice Department, and Republicans did their jobs instead of conspiring to destroy him with endless lies about Russian collusion?

Would Biden still have “won” if the media, Democrats, and federal agencies hadn’t colluded to hide the truth about Biden family corruption from the public?

It’s clear, Noonan and her colleagues operate with one thing in mind: Orange Man Bad.

Image: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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