Joy Reid is the ‘grinch’ of Thanksgiving with her race-obsessed take

MSNBC host Joy Reid (net worth: $4 million or so) graduated from Harvard University. Despite that pedigree, she learned neither facts nor gratitude. And so it is that, in honor of Thanksgiving, Joy Reid lashed out at America, accusing it of being a violent, irredeemably racist country. It’s time to bring a little reality to Reid’s foray into out-grinching the Grinch, not on Christmas, but at Thanksgiving.

Here’s Reid’s screed:

If you don’t want to listen to this 90 clip of ignorance and hatred from someone who’s had a lot of all-American good headed her way (along with the tragedy of losing her parents when she was young), here are the high points of her speech:

  • Genocide
  • “We are a country founded on violence.”
  • 1619
  • Slavery
  • KKK

So, Joy Reid wants the truth. Fortunately, I’ve got the truth.

Genocide. The tribes the Pilgrims found were Stone Aged in development. All Stone-Aged tribes, at all times and in all places, engage in perpetual warfare and, if they can, enslave the women and children of their defeated opponents, and then execute the men. Europeans went through that phase (with a repeat in the mid-20th century), and North America’s indigenous people were no different. As a general matter, pre-modern people were violent and comfortable with torture and genocide.

It’s true that roughly 90% of America’s indigenous people died after the Europeans landed. However, this was not a deliberate genocide. It was because neither the Europeans nor the Native Americans knew anything about germ theory. In any event, as COVID shows, once a new virus hits a virgin community, people die. Unfortunately, for the Native Americans, the new virus was smallpox.

“We are a country founded on violence.” See my statement, above. Violence has long been an integral part of the human condition. The Aztecs, for example, were the Nazis of Mesoamerica. A handful of Spaniards defeated them because surrounding tribes gratefully assisted a group of people perfectly situated to destroy a tribe that annually sacrificed tens of thousands of people, usually prisoners from raids on other tribes, to their blood-thirsty Gods.

I’d like Reid to point us to any pre-modern culture that was both successful and non-violent. What changed the West was the Judeo-Christian ethic, the rule of law, and the Age of Reason, all coming together.

1619. The 1619 Project is bunkum. Even honest leftists have acknowledged that it is compounded from “ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision,” with a thin gloss of historic truth to “lend verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.” At this point, anyone who even says “1619” is lying and, if they have a Harvard degree, they should be smart enough to know they’re lying.

Slavery. Slavery, sadly, is normative and all European countries practiced it. And yes, the British brought slavery to the Americas. They tried to use the Irish first, but those stubborn Irish kept dying from working in tropical climes while suffering from malaria. It was considered a fortunate thing that African tribes were willing to sell their racial brethren into slavery, with helpful Muslim middlemen. And so it was that, in North America, Whites owned slaves, as did Blacks and Native Americans.

Two things ended slavery in North America: First, Evangelical Christianity (“Am I not a man and a brother?”) and, second, the willingness of millions of White men to go to war to erase the institution from American soil.

The KKK (and Jim Crow): A vile organization paired with a vile political institution. In a nutshell, these were Democrats who used their political and social power to discriminate against American citizens based on race.

By the way, did you read about the San Francisco Election director, a man honored for doing a great job, who answered to a Democrat-run committee that just fired him because he’s White? And is there anything I need to tell you about Black Lives Matter and anti-White violence?

Ignore Reid’s bitterness about an American past that reflected human development and that, unlike other nations, matured sufficiently to put aside these evils to become the most prosperous, racially integrated country in the world. Instead, listen to Rush Limbaugh (may his memory always be a blessing) tell us the real story behind that first Thanksgiving:

I’m actually sorry for Reid. She lives in a wonderful place, the least racist place in the world (and I know, ‘cause I’ve traveled a lot) and all she sees is ugliness. I wonder whether she’ll ever realize the ugliness isn’t in America; it’s in her. If she does realize that, she can then make the choice to be happy.

Image: Joy Reid. Twitter screen grab.

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