I broke up with Stuart Varney today

Stuart Varney's show on Fox Business has been a staple for me in the mornings for a very long time.  I liked him — his story, his style, and the way he brings along others to build their careers.  He has always maintained his dignity and been civil to his guests.

Now, however, he has a full-blown case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and is blowing a long career for it.  He doesn't like Trump.  Okay, I get it.  Since just before the election, however, he has become an activist and an unfair one at that.  He has a segment called "my take" where he clearly states his opinions.  The entire program is now "my take."

We are all disappointed in the election results, but he has put all his energy into lobbying for Ron DeSantis and destroying Trump.  I don't think he is helping the Florida governor much.  Neither Trump nor DeSantis nor the Republican Party needs a fight right now.  But Varney wants one and is spending his hard fought success to get it.

He aggressively states at every possible point that he doesn't think Trump can win in 2024, and that DeSantis is the "future of the party."  That is not for him to decide.  He solicits virtually every guest to join his crusade — even if it means political suicide for the guest.  He is personally outraged that Trump "smeared" DeSantis by calling him "Ron DeSanctimonius."  Varney is far more upset about this than DeSantis is.  For his part, DeSantis knows that his success will beget a lot worse comments than this, and he knows that a verbal volley with The Donald at this time is a bad idea.

Stuart Varney is actively trying to pull in everyone around him into a battle he is personally defining and trying to promote.  In the process, he is being openly rude to his guests, something I have never seen him do.  The day after the election, he had on an up-and-coming Florida congressman, Byron Donalds.  Before the guest had said anything, Varney jumped right at him with "I think Trump is in a fight with DeSantis — what side are you on?"  This is unthinkably rude — he is asking a guest to risk his career and jump in a fight.  I was appalled.  The next day, Mercedes Schlapp, an influential Republican operative in both English and Spanish media, was on and he did the same thing.  "Who are you for, Trump or DeSantis?" he barked at her before she said a word.  Both Donalds and Schlapp are too smart for this and edged away.  Varney is trying to start a fight and force people to take a risky stand that is damaging for all involved, all for his emotional campaign of the moment.  This is not the style I am used to from a trusted newsman.

I briefly turned on the show for a few minutes today, and it was more of the same.  I think he may be getting a bit of feedback, because he launched into a premature Thanksgiving gush over what he is thankful for in America.  Not good enough.  We conservatives need a steady hand at the information wheel.

If Varney, or anyone at Fox for that matter, wants to stick his neck out, how about mentioning the elephant in the room that no one will touch — rampant and now institutionalized election fraud?  We just saw it play out in slow motion in Arizona.  Cat got your tongue, Stuart?

I am now down to only two shows I will watch on Fox: Tucker Carlson Tonight and Maria Bartiromo Sunday Morning Futures.  I also watch a little of Fox and Friends, but as soon as Steve Doocy (the most normal person on TV) is gone, I'm outta there.  I am presently on the hunt for someone else to share my morning breakfast dishwashing with.  I bet I'm not alone.

Image: MGlassman.

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