Granting ‘pandemic amnesty’ would be like opening Pandora’s Box

By now, we’ve all seen what Ivy League university professor Emily Oster wrote for The Atlantic: “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty”.

Understandably, my initial reaction was one of indignation. Those asking for “amnesty” cheered on a despostic government that ravaged small businesses, stood quietly by as law enforcement horses trampled peaceful protesters, and enabled psychological torture methods which no doubt contributed to the historic suicide rates among minors. They derisively laughed from their self-elevated place of ill-perceived moral superiority, all to find out they were categorically wrong — they were so arrogant in their delusions. An official pardon for the people who sowed such calamity, while still acting with such unrighteous scorn, is something I find inconceivable. They are the epitome of “useful idiots.”

What struck me most about Oster’s essay was the complete abscondment of responsibility. Just like the guards at the Nazi death camps, they were just doing what they thought was “right” — it was someone else’s fault.

An appeal for “forgiveness” completely perverts the word — first of all, forgiveness occurs after genuine repentance, something which Oster lacks given her refusal to accept culpability for her actions, and forgiveness does not mean crimes go unpunished. A convicted murderer in the courtroom may receive forgiveness from the victim’s family, but that does not mean he becomes exempt from a just punishment. Oster simply wants to dodge the consequences of her sinful actions at all costs, pretending she wasn’t utterly participatory in the newest ‘crime of the century.’

But then it really hit me: allowing “pandemic amnesty” opens the door for every crime against humanity to go unpunished and unrectified. It won’t be that long before they’re asking for “amnesty” from the fallout of a host of catastrophic decisions influenced by leftist fallacy and fanaticism: sexual butchery labeled as “gender-affirming healthcare”; pedophilic grooming of children under the guise of “LGBTQ visibility”; the live dismemberment of preborn babies because it’s “reproductive justice”; or possibly even “vaccine mandates” that have coincidentally preempted a sharp rise in cardiac deaths and episodes.

After all, just like Oster, the perpetrators will claim “We didn’t know.

Efforts to bring impenitent leftwing ideologues back into the fold of the American citizenry will only extend the other aforementioned areas of brutal human rights abuses. It will teach them that their beliefs and actions don’t have consequences, and they can commit the most egregious acts against their fellow man, without fear of accountability or reprisal.

If you replace the name “Anthony Fauci” with “Josef Mengele” — would we even be contemplating “amnesty” with these people?

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