No one can stop the red wave

A red wave is coming that cannot be stopped.  There are too many factors working against the Democrats in power for them to have a shot.

Under a normal first midterm for any first president, the party in power loses seats in Congress.  It is the party of the president that is perceived as the party in power.  But this is no normal midterm.  It is a political storm strongly in favor of Republicans.

President Biden is extremely unpopular across the country.  His refusal to alter course, or even appear as a moderate, is the reason.  Attacking Americans who disagree with him drives people away from his own party.

Other Democrats parrot whatever lies are spewed out, rather than call out Biden and others on ridiculous attacks that gain no traction.  Calling Americans a threat to democracy is no more effective than calling Americans deplorable, bitter clingers, racists, fascists, etc.  The more they attack, the less sympathetic they become.

Inflation has had a huge impact on most people.  Alreay tight dollars are stretched even tighter with every passing week.  Just two years ago, things were cheaper, including gas and diesel, both of which impact costs throughout the economy.

The response from those Democrats in power is to ignore it or shift the blame.  There is a clear disconnect between them and reality.  Americans know that goods were cheaper two years ago, and there were no shortages of things like baby formula.

Americans are struggling economically and have a history of voting with their pocketbooks.  High inflation will result in an increased turnout for Republicans.  That issue alone would guarantee the House and Senate returning to Republicans.

Crime is out of control in Democrat-run cities and states across the country.  People want to feel safe.

The Democrats in power respond by ignoring the cause of increasing crime.  Their own policies have led to lawlessness.  Rather than address it, they tell victims they do not matter as much as criminals.

That, combined with inflation, is what red waves are made of.

An open border is bringing a flood of illegal drugs, like fentanyl, into the country unchecked.  Every state has an overdose problem.  Americans are dying every day with no response from the Democrats in power.

Open borders do nothing to stabilize America.  Increases in crime, including sex slave–trafficking, do come with policies that treat the border as something that does not exist.

Most Americans want secure borders.  Democrats in power ignore most Americans.

It is a perfect storm against Democrats.  All the conditions exist to bring a red wave next week.  And no one can stop it from happening.

Professor Charles Lipson knows.

Bob Ryan is a writer who has an MBA.  He is an American Christian Zionist who staunchly supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.  He has been a weekly blogger at the Times of Israel since 2019.

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