Conservatives need to stop hiding in the 'woke' publishing industry

The publishing industry has always swung somewhat left, but in recent years, it has become so far left that even moderate writers are tossed aside.  No matter how inadequate their work is, activists posing as authors secure deals lecturing the general public for the sin of being human.

There are millions of conservatives out there who struggle to find modern books they can both learn from and enjoy.  There is a huge hole in the industry because agents ignore readers who seek content with traditional values that doesn't just preach at the reader.

There are plenty of conservative book publishers.  Regnery Publishing has produced works by Josh Hawley, Dinesh D'Souza, and other notable Republicans.  Brave Books has published multiple children's books that teach kids about the dangers of communism and divisive woke ideologies.  I got started over 10 years ago and have built up enough of a following that my most recent work was published through Defiance Press.

But what about authors who aren't already established?  What about the new writers who have a spark of genius and need some help getting their work in the hands of these publishers, who require authors either to have an agent or have at least 100K Twitter followers?

Searching for a conservative book agent is like seeking a sane person in a madhouse.  There are countless blue-haired SJWs working as agents.  They want LGBT material, or they accept work only from minority authors.  They are on a quest for diversity of appearance, and that means overlooking authors who present diversity of thought, in order to help politically unresearched writers shout louder through preachy content that has the shelf life of a gallon of milk.

No agent will list whether or not he is conservative because that could cost him his jobs.  Just last year, the Jennifer De Chiara Agency fired one of its agents for being a Christian conservative.  Colleen Oefelein was ousted for simply having social media accounts on Parler and Gab.

Thankfully, she landed on her feet and found a new agency, but the cancel culture crusade to punish anyone who doesn't follow leftist beliefs has forced conservatives and moderates out of mainstream agencies, or into hiding.

Some offer deals to already established conservatives so they can pitch books on the premise that it's an easy sell and avoid political discussions.  Unfortunately, this perpetuates the leftist culture of celebrity worship.  If only famous people — who are already making money off their notoriety — can get conservative book deals, elitism rules, and the American dream is stifled.  Conservatives in publishing who truly believe in protecting the free flow of information need to take more risks and remember that good ideas come from various places.

They need to start their own agencies, form close ties with conservative publishers, and ensure that the next generation of authors are able to present their work without having to wear some kind of identity badge.  Instead of allowing the left to continue to dominate, conservatives agents need to publish their wish lists without fear and even write articles about why traditional books with traditional values belong on bookshelves.  Most importantly, authors need to be able to easily find conservative book agents instead of sifting through agency profiles for hours counting out all the activists who proudly state that they are looking for identity-based work over content that focuses on literary quality.

I wish to create a list of conservative book agents for the sole purpose of giving conservative (and even moderate) authors a place to seek out viable representation.  This would save everyone a lot of time and headaches.  To do so, I need the help of conservative and moderate agents.

It's a pity that our nation is so divided.  Simply writing about the importance of family and individual rights, or wishing to create a children's story free of politics, is now detrimental to an author's career — thanks to the leftist war on tradition and American values.  But this is the reality of the situation.

We cannot allow this to continue.  Our heritage is on the line.  (Anyone who wishes to help me form a more perfect union between conservatives and moderates in the industry should contact me here.)

Hopefully I can give conservative content a boost with help from those who are not afraid to stand united for the sake of free speech and the future of literature.  If American content is to thrive with a variety of concepts and ideas, diversity of thought must be a main priority.

Jessica is a homeschooling mother, co-op English teacher, and author of Homeschooling on a Budget.  Her work has been featured by The Epoch Times, The Federalist, The Foundation for Economic Education, and many more.  Follow her on Twitter at @jessmbaum.

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