2024: Trump or bust

Trump versus DeSantis — a worthy debate, or so it would seem.  Trump is a fighter, energetic, proven, beloved, wild, reckless, buffoonish.  DeSantis is smart, courageous, strong, polished, sanctimonious, a Deep State tool.  Trump can't win, DeSantis can't lose, etc.

Some want this debate postponed until after the congressional leadership fight is settled.  They're wrong.  On the contrary, it's too late.

Starting after the last presidential election and culminating at Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night, our eggs have effectively been placed in one basket.  Let's be clear: the only chance Republicans have of taking the White House in 2024 is by clearing the field for Donald Trump.  Now.

A primary fight is a lose-lose proposition for the GOP and should be avoided at all costs.  Allow a challenger to take the fight to Trump, and the result will be another term for Joe Biden (or his replacement).

How is this different from the primary fights throughout our history?  Simple.  It's Donald Trump.

Whether or not Trump can win the White House again is an open question, but any Republican who beats Trump will definitely lose.  The cost of defeating Trump will be exorbitant, such that the winner will be destroyed for the general election.  No Republican will make it through the primary season against Trump in good enough shape to win the general election.  Not Pence, not Haley, not Pompeo, not even DeSantis.  Not against Trump.

Putting aside his superhuman ability to break his opponents, President Trump has the deep and abiding loyalty of a significant part of the party, an allegiance he will not lose, no matter what.  (Shooting someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue comes to mind.)  Should he lose the nomination battle, many of these people will stay home.  Their support of Trump is predicated on the fact that he is different.  Nominate just another politician, as good as he may be, and these voters stay home.  Not to mention that to defeat Trump, challengers will be forced to attack him by parroting Democrat talking points — hardly a recipe toward endearing themselves to a GOP base that voted for him twice.

Were there still a chance to convince Trump not to run, then perhaps someone else would be a better candidate, maybe.  That ship has sailed for good.

There is no longer a path around Trump — just through him.  Opposing Trump from now on is either doomed to failure or doomed to short-lived success, a Pyrrhic victory.  The question isn't Trump or DeSantis, but rather a damaged Trump or a mortally wounded DeSantis.

Our only chance at securing victory in the next presidential election is to immediately unite behind President Donald Trump and hope (and work) for the best.  Anything else is close to a guaranteed loss.  Like it or not, this is the battlefield, and as the true reality-based community, conservatives need to realize this, put aside any differences and reservations, and act accordingly.

Trump 2024.

DeSantis 2028.

Image: PAHomepage.com via YouTube, CC BY 3.0.

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