Why Ohioans must vote against far-left Senate candidate Tim Ryan

A few days ago, the Associated Press reported that Democrat U.S. rep. Tim Ryan received campaign donations over the years from drug distributors blamed for key roles in the current crisis.

AmerisourceBergen; McKesson; and Dublin, Ohio–based Cardinal Health, the three biggest drug distribution companies in the U.S., donated a total of $27,000 to Ryan's campaign between 2007 and August of this year.

The three companies' PACs have donated nearly $10.8 million combined to a wide range of candidates across the U.S. since 2007, according to campaign finance figures compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

The companies in question recently finalized a $21-billion settlement with the state, local, and Native American tribal governments and others over the toll of the opioid crisis.  This insulates the companies from thousands of lawsuits.

Ryan's campaign spokesperson attempted to downplay the significance of the donations, claiming that they accounted for merely one fifth of 1% of the $17 million Ryan raised this quarter alone.

But in principle, accepting contributions from those who have a dubious record is questionable.  It signals support.

What has Ryan's record on the drug crises been?

Ryan opposed funding packages aimed at providing medical care to address the problem.  Ryan also opposed legislation meant to crack down on illegal fentanyl-trafficking.

Ryan missed nearly a third of congressional votes while running for president.

He also skipped a vote in 2020 on legislation extending the Drug Enforcement Administration's temporary order listing fentanyl-related substances as Schedule 1 controlled substances. 

What about Ryan's recent visit to Los Angeles?

Earlier this Wednesday, Ryan sent a letter to House clerk Cheryl Johnson and informed her that he would not be voting in person "due to the ongoing public health emergency."

Despite this "public health emergency," Ryan traveled to Los Angeles for a Wednesday-night fundraiser expected to bring in over $100,000.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that one of the hosts of Ryan's fundraiser is Mitchell Kamin.  Kamin is an L.A.-based litigator whose clients include the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, which in 2020 attempted to avoid paying damages to the victims of former U.S. women's national gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.  Nassar was convicted in 2017 of systematically sexually abusing women and girls.

For months, Ryan attempted to characterize his Republican rival, J.D. Vance, as an outsider.  However, Ryan had no compunction about going to California to replenish his campaign coffers.  Vance was born in Ohio but made his fortunes as a venture capitalist, lawyer, and author in California.

But that is not all.

Back in 2019, after his Democratic primary presidential debate, Ryan called for a ban on gas-powered cars.

However, Ryan's first Senate campaign ad features him riding in a 2020 GMC Yukon, a gas-guzzler that gets roughly 14 to 15 miles per gallon.

On the campaign trail, Ryan drove a 15-mile-per-gallon Chevrolet Tahoe.

Like all Democrats, Ryan doesn't really believe in democracy.  He regards his political opponents as enemies of the state.

During an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Ryan said his party and, more generally, Americans need to "kill and confront" what he described as an "extremist" movement within the GOP.  His target was obviously Trump-supporters.

Like most sanctimonious individuals, Ryan doesn't notice the irony of being an extremist by branding political opponents as extremists.

Ryan is clearly in agreement with Joe Biden that MAGA Republicans are the equivalent of semi-fascists.

But that is as far as Ryan goes in agreeing with Biden.  Like most Democrats running for election, Ryan has stayed away from Biden on the campaign trail.

When asked if he thinks Biden should seek re-election in 2024, Ryan said it is time for "generational change" in leadership in the Democrat party.

But Ryan does completely support the radical left policies that Biden, or perhaps more accurately, Biden's handlers, are advocating.  He voted 100% with Biden's far-left ideas, which is all of the time.

Let's delve into the specifics:

Since 2020, Ryan voted to federalize elections; admit Washington, D.C. as the 51st state; impose additional background checks on gun-owners; and grant mass amnesty to illegal aliens.

Ryan co-sponsored legislation restricting states' rights to legislate on abortion.

Ryan voted for Biden's $3.5-trillion "Build Back Better" plan, which failed in Congress; the $1.9-trillion inflation-causing "American Rescue Plan"; and the "Inflation Reduction Act," which does little to combat inflation but plenty to further the Green New Deal. 

Ryan voted against Trump's 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which caused unprecedented economic prosperity in the U.S. prior to the Democrat-led lockdowns and mandates following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan also opposed Trump's bills to allocate funding for the border wall.  Ryan voted against legislation to expedite the deportation of illegal alien gang members.  Ryan also voted against legislation that prohibits abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of incest and rape.

Ryan frequently claims he is a reasonable bipartisan moderate who voted with Trump on trade.  But his voting record and his utterances demonstrate he is just another radical intolerant far-left Democrat and a total conformist to the Democrat groupthink.

A man is known by the company he keeps, and a politician is known by the endorsements he receives.

Who endorsed Ryan?

That would be squad leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Hillary Clinton.

What about Ryan's GOP challenger, J.D. Vance?

The following can be learned from Vance's campaign website:

Vance stands against reckless government spending, Biden's open borders, and the hegemony of Big Tech.  He is advocating for energy independence and the restoration of the U.S. as a manufacturing hub.  He has pledged to combat the drug and opioid epidemic.  He stands for America First and supports small businesses.  He is pro-life and supports the Second Amendment.  He wants to bring Bidenflation under control.  He is in favor of voter ID, signature verification on absentee ballots, and an end to mass mail-in voting.

Ryan and his GOP challenger J.D. Vance are locked in a tight contest for Ohio's coveted open Senate seat, being vacated by retiring Republican Rob Portman.

It is critical that Republicans retain this seat in order to retake the Senate.

Even a potted plant would be better than the far-left Tim Ryan.

J.D. Vance seems to be in support of all that MAGA stands for.

This isn't a difficult choice.

Image: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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