The Democrat demographic god that’s failing

For decades, Democrats have been certain that demographics would lead them to ultimate power. That wasn’t because they were having babies—actually, they were aborting them—but because America was becoming less White, and non-Whites were and would be forever reliable Democrat voters. Ah, hubris! It turns out that non-White people, just like White people, want a safe, clean, secure, and prosperous country, and the Democrats aren’t delivering. Surprise! Demography is not destiny.

From the day that Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and reputedly said “I’ll have those ****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years,” Democrats have taken for granted the votes, not just of Blacks, but of all non-White voters. In their mind, the one-time slave-holding party was certain that it “owned” these voters.

By 2002, John Judis and Ruy Teixeira had written an entire book on the subject: The Emerging Democratic Majority. The fact that Black women, a Democrat party staple, were sometimes aborting more babies than were being born, was irrelevant. Unlimited immigration was the answer. The Democrats happily added Hispanics and other non-White groups to the roster of voters they “owned.”

The Democrats’ certainty that the future was theirs (a certainty that invariably reminds me of this song; leftists are always so certain of their historic destiny), they forgot one thing: good governance. Under Trump’s watch, the economy soared, crime was at more or less normal levels, the border was becoming increasingly secure, and people of all races were benefitting.

Image: Diversity (edited) by rawpixel.

In the twenty months since Biden took office, all those benefits have been reversed—and it’s obviously because the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Crime is soaring, the border is gone, the economy is tanking, we’re on the brink of a possible nuclear war, and the Democrats are using schools to turn our children into mentally ill, broken, racist people who don’t even know what sex they are. Outside of academia and Washington, D.C., these trends are viewed as complete policy failures. For all their talk, Democrats can’t govern.

No wonder that, according to the Wall Street Journal, there’s a huge and significant shift for all non-White voters, especially Hispanic and Asian: They’re trending Republican and doing so hard and fast.

The shift started during Trump’s administration, although it was offset by the fact that minorities in 2020 were still voting for Democrats and they (or, at least, their mail-in envelopes) turned out in greater numbers than usual in 2020 to vote for Biden. With Biden proving to be quite possibly the worst, most damaging, most divisive and, of course, most demented president in American history, the pro-Republican trend is continuing:

To find where the inroads for the Republican Party might prove most influential, The Wall Street Journal looked at census tracts—in essence, neighborhoods—in which 70% of residents are Latino, Asian-American, Black or from a mix of minority groups. We then compared how those neighborhoods voted in 2020 to the outcome in 2016.

The shift was most significant in heavily Latino neighborhoods—those in which Latino residents accounted for 70% or more of the population. The median shift across those neighborhoods was a 7.2-point increase in support for then-President Donald Trump, compared with his share of the 2016 vote, the Journal analysis found.

Keep in mind that the shift described above was before Biden destroyed the border and the economy, and Democrats welcomed a new era of violent crime, all of which strongly affect heavily minority (and, therefore, less affluent) neighborhoods most. One must imagine that anti-Democrat disaffection has grown since then.

Steven Hayward, at Power Line blog, has reprinted two of the most telling charts showing how dramatic the pro-Republican trend is among non-White voters. His post title says everything you need to know: “The Daily Chart that should terrify Democrats.”

Only one thing can destroy this heartening trend: Republican politicians and the Republican party. They are that stupid and that tone-deaf. It’s entirely possible that, mired in the past, they’ll continue to ignore the rising conservativism among minorities and, instead, keep trying to win young, college-educated middle-class Whites who are, mostly, a lost cause. I wish it weren’t so, but these young people haven’t been sufficiently mugged by reality to understand how the world works. They’re still invested in Democrat fantasies about the economy, immigration, gender, race, etc. It’s people in border towns and minority communities in both cities and suburbs who know the score.

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