J.P. Sears takes on Vanderbilt’s ‘gender reassignment’ medical gold mine

It seems like time to lighten up a bit on a Sunday afternoon. That is, if grim, yet hilarious satire is your cup of tea.

The inimitable J.P. Sears takes on Vanderbilt University Hospital’s self-admitted highly lucrative services mutilating and chemically sterilizing children in the name of “gender reassignment.” The minute I laid eyes on him in a bloodstained lab coat, he had me with this 7-minute video.

YouTube screengrab

With his trademark deadpan enthusiasm of the true believer, “Dr. Sears” explains the "logic" behind this medical practice, cutting to the now-infamous recordings of Vanderbilt officials explaining how lucrative the surgeries – and the long-term care necessitated by them -- are.

Warning: Do not watch this if you have just drunk some coffee:

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