The Biden administration comes up with a sneaky new amnesty plan

The Biden administration has come up with a stealthy new tack for granting amnesty to the two million illegal aliens who've crossed into the states in the last two years: By "forgetting" to file the paperwork on time.

According to Fox News:

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants had their cases thrown out by immigration judges after documents were not filed in time by Department of Homeland Security officials, according to newly released data.

Data obtained and analyzed by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University, found that 63,586 cases were dismissed in FY 2022 as of the end of September because officials, mainly Border Patrol agents, are not filing the Notice to Appear (NTA) in time.

That may not seem like much of anything on the surface, but for illegal immigrants, that's winning the jackpot.

According to Fox, it begins like this:

TRAC, which obtained the numbers via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, found that numbers spiked from less than 1,000 incidents of no NTAs being filed in February and March 2021 to more than 5,000 a month in late 2021 and 2022. In April 2022, more than 7,000 cases were thrown out.

Now it's 63,586 cases, as the earlier part of the Fox report, cited above, indicated. What a coincidence. Suddenly, the paperwork is not being filed on time. Suddenly, someone who used to do his job right is ... not doing his job right. Suddenly, someone ... forgot. Don't tell us that's not some kind of amnesty-through-incompetence passive-aggressive policy. It's just amazing how Biden's policy always seems to go one way -- benefitting the illegally present foreigner.

Fox continues into how it gets good for the illegal aliens:

The research center says that the amount of cases being thrown out is not only wasteful of the court’s time, but also problematic for the immigrants involved — who may turn up for a court date only to have the case dismissed, and be left in limbo as to their status and what to do next. 

With no court case against them, they are free to move about the country, and more specifically, file for green cards and U.S. citizenship. The absence of any court case to resolve regarding their immigration status leaves them free to apply, and with Joe Biden's yes-men at the ready, free to get those green cards.

The precedent for that was from an incident earlier this year, similar, but not the same, to this curious approach to what is effectively amnesty.

Back in June, the Washington Examiner reported that federal prosecutors were simply dropping a million cases for no reason whatsoever:

Federal prosecutors are quietly dismissing stacks of cases against illegal immigrants [sic] under a Biden administration mandate that could be on pace to effectively pardon 1 million people by 2024, according to leaked information reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

Attorneys for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have begun to throw out tens of thousands of the 2 million backlogged cases in immigration court following a political appointee's order not to go after illegal border crossers from before the November 2020 election.

"This is a de facto amnesty," said an ICE federal prosecutor who spoke with the Washington Examiner on the condition of anonymity.

The impact? According to the Examiner:

The tens of thousands of noncitizens who have been cleared from the immigration court dockets over the past eight weeks may now apply to become permanent legal residents, the prerequisite to becoming a U.S. citizen. An illegal border crosser is barred from applying for legal permanent residency as long as his or her case is pending in court. With no case pending, they may apply. Once approved, they may apply for adjustment of status to citizenship after five years.

"All those removable aliens will be able to live and work in the United States indefinitely — which, in this context, means forever or at least until they themselves decide to leave. That is the definition of an amnesty," Arthur wrote.

The illegals whose fed minders are "forgetting" to file the paperwork may get a new date, as the Fox report notes, but the report suggested that that was discretionary. More likely, they won't get a new date, and the dockets will clear for them to remain in the country without any lawmen looking for them as they vote, collect welfare, clog emergency rooms, and take American jobs, while being free to apply for green cards and U.S. citizenship well ahead of all the legal applicants for entry to the U.S. who are doing it the right way.

 The news of this "forgetfulness" on the part of the Biden administration officials is bound to filter back to the human smuggling rackets, who use this kind of news to recruit migrant caravans on social media and among would-be illegal migrants themselves, who follow this kind of news from the U.S. closely.

Already, the numbers of illegal aliens rolling in is hitting record highs. 

Here are the human waves in Colombia who are heading to the states, just from Venezuela alone, their human traffickers at the sidelines, herding them like sheep. Many of the migrants in these rivers of humanity are Venezuelans who had already fled to other Latin American countries in years past and are now responding to the U.S.'s open door:



The tweet says it's 90,000 migrants a month making that passage, and Colombia is calling it a grave crisis. Venezuela is just one country. Migrants are rolling in from more than 100 countries, according to Border Patrol data.

Now they're "forgetting" to file paperwork, and migrants are finding it easier than ever to gain free admission to the U.S. whether the locals want it or not. Other than inflation, is there any greater Biden failure?

Image: Twitter video screen shot

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