Joe Biden recruits the best of the best to deal with inflation

It’s two weeks before the midterm elections, and suddenly the Biden administration is going to solve the disastrous inflation that is destroying the economy.

Here is what these brilliant tacticians and experts came up with….

Go after banks, cable companies, and airlines on what the Biden administration calls “junk fees.”

Take a look at what he said:

Wow, so that will solve the problems with high energy and food prices…. Who knew? Falsely, I half expected another taxpayer-funded, vote-buying stunt like the student loan “forgiveness” scheme, but apparently that was giving too much strategic credit to the Democrats.

Biden also continues with the big lie that oil companies and gas station owners are screwing the customers by not adjusting the price at the pump to reflect the price of crude oil. The fact is that crude oil was around $40 the day Biden was elected and is around $87 today (up over 110%). The retail price of gas was around $2.10, and is now barely below $4 (up around 90%) — but only because Biden’s been draining our strategic reserves to placate voters right before the midterms. If the price at the pump reflected the price of crude, it would be around 80 cents higher, not lower.

People who pretend they are “fact checkers” have not corrected this blatant lie which demonizes the private sector and is meant to mislead the public, because facts haven’t mattered for a long time for the media, which is a campaign arm of the Democrat party.

Here is what they didn't come up with:

  1. Reducing excessive government fees and taxes. To Democrats, the solution is always bigger government, and the problem is always the private sector that makes the economy thrive.

  2. They also didn’t say they would stop the intentional destruction of industries that provide reliable and reasonably priced energy. This intentional destruction causes high inflation which cascades through the entire economy.

We have yet to see any elected official, unelected bureaucrat, or any of the other people pushing the Green agenda provide one piece of scientific data that shows a direct link between oil and coal consumption and temperatures, sea levels, or storm activity — because there is none. It is nothing more than a scam to usurp freedom from the people, and move toward more authoritarian governments. They use easily-manipulated computer models to “justify” the destruction of industries that have greatly improved our quality and length of life.

Historically, the dire predictions from these computer algorithms have been completely wrong, but again facts don’t seem to matter. (Just like pretending baggage or upgrades charges are what’s driving inflation.)

Biden claimed “junk fees” are “unfair” and “hit marginalized Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color” — well, I’m sorry, who does he think would suffer the most if the Green agenda proceeds unchecked? It certainly won’t be the uber-wealthy jetset class, but instead will entirely be the “low-income folks” and “people of color” who comprise the majority of the world’s population.

Sadly, most of the media continues to push the Green agenda, unquestioned and unresearched, because they support authoritarianism. They clearly don’t care about the destruction they are causing to the poor, middle class, and small businesses — the serfs should know their station.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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