‘No milk today’… the latest tantrum

Forgive me if I'm reminded of that oldie by Herman's Hermits:  

No milk today, it seems a common sight

But people passing by, don't know the reason why

Well, it wasn't a huge hit but there are many people passing by who are wondering the reason why a bunch of well-fed and prosperous young people are pouring milk on the floor.  I remember when my mom got very angry when I did that.  As I recall, it did not end well for any one pouring milk around our home.  My mother would unleash her inner Cuban wild woman and it was a really bad night.

The latest tantrum is just another environmental protest.   Here it goes:    

Twitter video screengrab

The latest environmentalist trend is here: pouring out milk in grocery stores. 

All across the United Kingdom, teenagers concerned about the environment are doing “milk pours.” The new trend involves going into grocery stores, picking up cartons of cow-produced milk, and pouring out their contents, according to the animal rights group Animal Rebellion. 

Videos that have popped up on social media show teens pouring milk onto the floor, over sales counters, and elsewhere in the store.

“The dairy industry is incredibly environmentally destructive. The world’s top 5 meat and dairy corporations are now responsible for more GHG emissions than Exxon, Shell or BP,” the organization said in a tweet Saturday. 

“We NEED a plant-based future now,” it added.



And so, the CO2 emissions movement has a new villain, the people who put milk on our shelves. 

Who is going to replace the jobs created by the dairy farming and milk companies?   Or who is going to replace the taxes that they pay?  

Another day and more confirmation that the environmentalist movement needs leadership changes.  They've allowed the stupid young to get all of the publicity.  The net result is that a serious topic is overlooked by activists who seem more interested in promoting themselves in Tik Tok than behaving like adults.

What should society do?   Remind these activists that they are violating the law and punish them to 30 days of milking cows at a nearby dairy farm.   I don't know if there is a judge in the UK who would do that but it'd be nice to see.

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