Coherent thinking can get you fired

Have you ever wondered about the phrase "common sense"?  Simply put, it's a rational way of thinking that comes naturally to all humans.  It's an innately provided type of knowledge that is unspoken and unwritten.  It's taken for granted.  We acquire such reasoning imperceptibly from the day we are born.  Such reasoning keeps us from even contemplating notions that violate our God-given ability to make prudent judgments.  Contrarily, an irrational way of thinking might cause us to accept such statements as "my dog drove me to the supermarket" or "my mother is younger than I am."

There was a time when being rational was not only acceptable to civilized society, but required if you expected to be part of any serious discourse.  Only about a decade ago, if you were chatting with some friends at a social gathering and heard someone say there are more than two genders, and men can get pregnant, you'd probably start edging your way toward another part of the room.  Moreover, you'd likely mention to the host that a strange guest has crashed the party.  Fast-forward to today, and not only would such comments be acceptable, but those who disagreed might be called ugly names, or worse.

Case in point: Students at the University of Southern Maine demanded that their education professor be fired because she told her class that there are only two sexes.  Professor Christy Hammer made the very rational comment during a class on "creating a positive learning environment."  Well, according to one student, Elizabeth Leibiger, who characterizes herself as non-binary, such a statement caused her to feel that she was "under personal attack."  One wonders why the professor, who is among the 99.999% of the planet belonging to the binary world, didn't feel under personal attack from someone who may be dangerously deranged.

It didn't take long before 21 of the 22 students in her class, having been indoctrinated by left-wing dogma, which evidently robbed them of common sense, joined the "attack victim" by walking out during a class session and demanding that a "restorative justice meeting" be held with the university's School of Education and Human Development.  In the category of "you can't make this stuff up," "student" Liebiger said "professor" Hammer is not qualified to teach positive learning environments.

Imagine: a million years of biological science being trashed by a bunch of spoiled children who have been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that gender is not to be determined by someone's sex organs.  Can you envision a scenario in which a doctor delivers a baby; holds it up for inspection; and says to the mother, "You have given birth to a 7-pound baby something or other"?  Anyway, after the restorative justice meeting was held, students were even more outraged because the professor stood firm in her position that only male and female sex designations exist.  That rational decision was followed by a student walkout, with a stipulation that they'd only come back if the school installed another professor — evidently, one that had a backbone made of jelly.

During a saner time in our history, these intransigent brats would have been told to get back to class or get the hell out of the school!  However, we're not living in an era of sound mind and rational thought.  Therefore, as some students continued to refer to the professor as transphobic and demanded that she undergo diversity training or retire, the wobbly-kneed Interim Provost of the university declared that "necessary support" will be provided to those students who may have been psychologically damaged by the professor's comments.  Where do they get these namby-pamby leadership impersonators?

Ultimately, the so-called institute of higher-learning came out with an alternate plan for those students who simply couldn't bear the thought of tolerating someone who is living in the real world.  Although the professor wouldn't be fired, she'd be assigned to teach a class of students who wish to accept her version of biology.  Good luck finding enough students to fill a classroom in the bitterly dysfunctional atmosphere suffocating our educational system.  Never before has the phrase "the inmates are running the asylum" been so applicable.

Image via Pixabay.

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