Medical community (once again) complicit in eugenics agenda

Compromising with depravity is supreme folly.

Mainstream left-of-center ideologues were very different ten years ago than they are today. Sure, they generally weren’t critical thinkers, but they still all agreed born children deserve protection. Now, they foam at the mouth if someone suggests that Drag Queen Story Hour is nothing more than pedophilic grooming. The precedent shows that people are not moral on their own — without an anchor in divine morality, in a short time, people drift from where they once were.

In that context…. Who could have guessed that the next step in Canada’s assisted suicide program would lead to an overt agenda of eugenics?

In June 2016, Canada legalized assisted suicide, and now, just six years later, one of the nation’s leading practitioners is suggesting the euthanization of infants (oh, and depressed teenages).

According to a report by The Post Millennial, Dr. Louis Roy of the Quebec College of Physicians spoke at a Special Joint Committee meeting for Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying program, and said:

Minors from 14 to 17 years of age, so nearly 18; the committee recommends, and the board of directors supports as well, that these minors could, with their tutors or parents, make a request for MAID based on the level of persistent and intolerable suffering that they may experience and become unmanageable and senseless….

First of all, we all just saw what happened in California:

Gavin Newsom signed legislation Thursday allowing California to take ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ over a child that traveled to the state for transgender drugs or operations, stripping parents of their authority over their kids.

If leftist governments (like those in Canada and California) will strip parental rights away under the charade it’s in the child’s best interest, what’s to stop government agencies from seizing children who express suicidal ideations and then executing them?

Secondly, and I’m no doctor, but if I had to speculate, the foundation of medicine ought to be life-giving treatments, not sterilized murder. If a physician prescribes death, it seems like they’re not very good at their job.

But then he continues:

Same for babies from zero to one years of age who are born with severe deformations, very grave and severe medical syndromes, who’s [sic] life expectancy and level of suffering are such that it would make sense to ensure that they do not suffer given that their possibility of surviving is basically nil…. This is something that has been used in the Netherlands as an argument, and we can explore that option[.] 

Ahhh, and there it is. In your face eugenics, covered with a nice little logical fallacy — oh it’s been used in the Netherlands as an argument? Well, that must make it a sound position! (As it turns out, maybe these left-of-center ideologues haven’t changed that much, they weren’t intellectuals ten years ago, and they’re still not today.)

Hasn’t humanity been through this all before?

I recalled a certain story told by a Sister from a German convent, who had once run a home for handicapped children. In the out-of-print book, titled “Abortion: The Silent Holocaust”, it reads:

Then one day we heard that the government was planning to take them [the children] away and to kill them, just because they were retarded or handicapped. At first we could not believe this, but we prayed anyway. Oh, how we prayed for our children! But one day the vans came and soldiers took away our little babies. They threw them in the vans like sacks of potatoes and took them off to the ‘killing centers.’ They said they were killed because they couldn’t make a contribution to the Third Reich. They were only an expense, a burden.

And what about Aktion T4? Until today I was unaware of this specific Nazi eugenics program — but having a colleague with an encyclopedia for a brain has its perks. According to History:

The first to die was a five-month-old baby boy…. [his] father…. Considered [him] to be a ‘monster’, and he soon approached his local physician with the request that the baby be ‘put to sleep’ for his own good. After the doctor refused, [the father] wrote directly to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler, who had long been in favour [sic] of ‘mercy killing’ the severely disabled, dispatched his personal physician, Karl Brandt, to the village…. to examine the child. Hitler told Brandt that if the baby was as severely disabled as the father claimed, Brandt had his permission to kill the child.

Brandt duly examined [the baby boy] and concluded that the child was beyond help. With Hitler’s blessing, the child was killed, probably by lethal injection…. His death would mark the start of one of the most hideous programmes [sic] of the Second World War – the mass murder of the mentally ill and physically disabled throughout Germany and some of its occupied territories. The programme [sic] would come to be known as Aktion T4.

How is this any different from what Dr. Louis Roy is suggesting?

The pro-murder and eugenics faction of the medical community has a stranglehold on the debate, and they’re dragging the entire discipline back into the darkest moments in human history — Dr. Louis Roy might one day be synonymous with Dr. Josef Mengele, or Dr. Karl Brandt.

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