Pennsylvania children’s museum conditioning our youngsters to accept election fraud

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania is a quintessential colonial town that sits along the Susquehanna River, but despite its rich patriotic history, residents and local institutions appear to be raising up a crop of future voters who are completely illiterate to the American civic system of the Constitution and our forefathers.

On October 16th, a local paper ran a headline that read, “Lewisburg Children’s Museum teaches kids about voting” — the accompanying photograph showed two women at the pop-up exhibit, both of whom were wearing masks (I wonder what their political affiliation is?). According to the article:

The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area partnered with the museum to hold the vote as a way of educating children about the importance of taking part in elections and provide voting information to parents.

Displayed on the table was a flyer, advertising a project of the national League, known as “VOTE411” — and lo and behold, listed benefactors consisted of a host of sponsors of left-wing ideology. Some of the most notorious included: Target (a corporation known for pushing the woke and radical LGBT agenda, even onto infants); and Poder Latinx, which lists “climate, immigrant, and economic justice” in its mission statement, and is a subsidiary project of the pro-abortion and pro-transgender San Francisco-based Tides Foundation.

As I read the write-up, several things about the “voter education” exhibit stood out to me. First of all, voting was not isolated to one day, rather it was a weeks-long affair, conducted on both paper and a computer, normalizing drawn-out elections and the use of machines (do I need to remind anyone of November 3rd, 2020?). Secondly, it enforced mob rule, as the voting method was a simple democracy — there was no mention that the architecture of the American system of government was representative. On a side note, just to emphasize how far-reaching this disinformation extends: shortly after President Trump’s victory in 2016, I had a conversation with a Democrat family member who was upset that while Clinton allegedly received a majority of the popular vote, Trump won the presidency because he secured the electoral votes. She said something along the lines of, “that just doesn’t seem fair in a democracy” at which point I told her the U.S. was not a government of tyranny of the majority. In response, and with incredulity she said, “We’re not a democracy?” (And this woman has a master’s degree)....

As a tertiary point, there were no “eligibility” requirements to vote — now of course, it was a children’s exhibit, so excluding any child would have been ridiculous, but I mention it because we know who was behind this little scheme, and the responsible course of action would have been for this “league of voters” to acknowledge that upon entrance into adulthood, citizenship is a necessary aspect of voter integrity.

Given the complete absence of civic education in this country, it’s safe to assume that Democrat-led initiatives may be these children’s only exposure to ‘how’ voting works — and this is terrifying. And I hate to admit it, but we only have ourselves to blame. We as conservatives have completely abandoned the culture and absconded from our roles as the guardians of liberty. We often take pride in being the true moral and intellectual superiors, but then we stand idly by as Marxist and Alinskyite forces destroy everything we love. There are well-financed and well-organized forces seeking to undermine American sovereignty, and they’re everywhere, even (or especially) in children’s environments. As Lenin is purported to have said, “Give me four year to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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