NBC News reveals troubling facts about John Fetterman's health

Once upon a time, the least that a citizen expected from a candidate contesting elections was physical and mental fitness.

Intelligence, aptitude, public speaking skills, motivational skills, leadership skills, etc. were qualities demanded of candidates because their fitness was implicitly assumed.

Why is physical and mental fitness essential?

Because elected officials often have to work around the clock for prolonged periods of time with very little sleep.  The individual also must be able to absorb volumes of complex information and take decisions on the recently processed information.  During an emergency, the elected official could be awakened in the middle of the night. 

Elected officials hence must not only be physically and mentally sound, but also not be consuming medication that affects mental or cognitive abilities or induces deep sleep. 

However, Joe Biden changed everything, to become a pioneer of an undesired practice.

Biden's rapidly declining cognitive abilities were obvious to all, including his fellow Democrats, who taunted him about his failing memory during a primary debate.

But some in Democrat leadership saw a declining Biden as a perfect rubber-stamp president who could be used to push their unpopular far-left policies.  Hence, Biden's rivals were eliminated with inducements and he was dragged to the finish line during the primaries.

The presidential elections in 2020 were tampered with on myriad fronts.  Mark Zuckerberg donated to NGOs that strategically targeted key districts and even infiltrated the sacrosanct election infrastructure.  Mail voting, which compromises the confidentiality of the vote in addition to being vulnerable to fraud, was made the norm, using COVID-19 as a pretext.  Biden himself used COVID-19 as an excuse not to campaign.  The media and Big Tech did their bit suppressing the Hunter Biden story. 

Hence, Biden became president and was sworn in while D.C. was on lockdown.  The only people in attendance were Hollywood celebrities and Washington's "elites." 

The race in Pennsylvania between Dr. Oz and John Fetterman proves that this trend may be on the rise.  Fetterman has suffered from heart issues since 2017.  In 2019,  Fetterman collapsed while presiding over the Pennsylvania State Senate.  Recently in May, Fetterman suffered a stroke due to a clot related to his irregular heart rhythm. 

Fetterman concealed the details of his ailments from the public, insisting he is fit.  But as with Biden, it's obvious to even a casual observer that all is not well with Fetterman.

Recent revelations from a Democrat-aligned media source — i.e., NBC News — support that.  NBC News reporter Dasha Burns recently sat down with Fetterman for an interview.  Burns revealed that Fetterman "struggles to understand what he hears and to speak clearly."

Burns also said the following:

We had a monitor set up so that he could read my questions because he still has lingering auditory processing issues as a result of the stroke which means he has a hard time understanding what he's hearing.

Burns said Fetterman struggled to make small talk and "still has some problems, some challenges with speech."

She said Fetterman "occasionally stuttered and had trouble finding words" and even struggled to pronounce words such as "empathetic" during the interview.

When asked why he did not share his medical records or make his doctors available for interviews, Fetterman claimed to be unaware of any undisclosed symptoms and that he has been open with the public about his health and recovery.  Fetterman claimed that despite his auditory processing difficulties, his cognitive function and memory are unaffected.  Fetterman also claimed that his doctor has given him a letter saying that he is to serve and run for elections.

But that doesn't explain why he relentlessly dodged debate requests from his GOP rival Dr. Oz causing The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's editorial board to raise concerns about Fetterman's health.  Fetterman finally agreed to hold a single debate on October 25.  It remains to be seen if Fetterman fulfills his commitment.

Dr. Oz recently called on Fetterman to release his medical records.  Oz released his own medical records.  Dr. Rebecca J. Kurth, who conducted the exam, wrote a detailed letter stating the specifics of Oz's test results and declaring him fit.

There are some obvious questions that arise.

If Fetterman cannot understand basic questions without them being transcribed, how would he be able to communicate with colleagues and function in the Senate?

Also, is Fetterman fit enough to comprehend a lengthy bill and process all the information to make a decision about his vote?

If Fetterman dodges the debate again — i.e., he concedes he is unfit to debate — how can he be fit for the Senate?

So what happens if Fetterman wins?

He will, like Joe Biden, become a rubber stamp for the Democrats.  He will be managed by handlers.  He will seldom be seen in public for his tenure of six years.  Since there is no recall facility, there is nothing citizens can do about it.  He will vote the way the Democrat leadership orders him to further their agenda.

Fetterman could be of other use to the Democrats.

In recent times, there have been calls to replace Kamala Harris as vice president owing to her poor performance and frequent gaffes that have caused embarrassment both nationally and internationally.

Biden's handlers may be on the hunt for someone such as Harris, who presents no threat or challenge to Biden, who is cognitively compromised, and even makes Biden look like the smarter one.

Perhaps Fetterman will be an ideal replacement for Kamala Harris.  No, he isn't the woman "of color" that Biden promised to have as a running mate.  But the Democrats would rather violate Biden's promise than have their puppet unseated by an overambitious vice president.

This isn't a cruel joke at the expense of people suffering from diminished cognitive abilities due to senility or a stroke.  The ailing deserve to be cared for and protected during their road to recovery.

This is about the Democrats exploiting unfit individuals to further their agenda, while close family members look the other way.

So is there a solution?

When the GOP win both the House and the Senate, they must pass a law making it mandatory for individuals aspiring to run for public office to submit themselves to a medical examination.  The results of these tests must be made public, and those who fail the test must be prevented from contesting elections.  And not just prior to elections — elected representative must be compelled to take these tests once a year and must be forced to quit if they fail.

A puppet eliminates accountability, which is essential to a functioning democracy.  The least a citizen can expect in a democracy is that the individual who secures the maximum votes will be the one making the decisions.

Installing puppets and managing state affairs via proxy is what happens only in third-world dictatorships and under communist regimes.  It also happened to the British monarchy in the late 1700s.

Rubber-stamp leaders have no place in the world's most important democracy.

Despite all this, RealClearPolitics's polling average shows Fetterman leading Oz by 3.7 percentage points. 

If the elections are fair and Fetterman wins, it will be a sad commentary on the voters.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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