Has Israel managed to destroy Iran's Syrian weapons systems?

Most Americans haven't been paying attention to seemingly random stories about Israel attacking military sites in Syria.  However, a Hebrew-language news outlet has a different take on what's going on.  It claims that Israel's actions in Syria have destroyed 90% of Iranian weapons production facilities in Syria.

An ABC report today provides a perfect example of the kind of attack Israel has been launching against Syria of late, along with the Syrian assurance that Israel's attacks are really nothing more than ineffective inconveniences:

Israel carried out an airstrike on military posts in the suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday wounding a soldier and damaging property, the Syrian army said.

The afternoon attack came three days after a similar strike on Damascus suburbs caused property damage. Israel usually carries out airstrikes at night and such daytime attacks have been rare.

The Syrian military said in a statement carried by state media that the missiles were fired from over northern Israel and that Syria's air defenses shot down some of them.

However, the Walla News, a Hebrew-language newspaper offered a different take on Israel's motives and her success.  (Hat tip: Israel 365 News.)  I don't read Hebrew, but I'm assuming that this Google Translate version is accurate:

Image: YouTube screen grab.

Senior IDF officials: We hit 90% of Iran's weapons production mechanism in Syria

According to the same sources, Israel managed to stop the establishment of the Revolutionary Guards on Syrian soil as part of the campaign between the wars. The sources rejected claims that the IDF reduced the intensity of the attacks due to the tensions in relations with Moscow, and noted that the fight against Iran and the pro-Iranian forces was maintained.

The IDF destroyed about 90% of the plans of Iran and Hezbollah to base themselves in Syria - this is what senior officials in the defense system revealed today (Saturday). According to them, in recent years Israel has succeeded in almost completely curbing Iran's ability to transfer weapons in Syria, to manufacture weapons on the country's soil and to establish a base in it through pro-Iranian bases and forces.

According to the same sources, the great plan of the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, who was eliminated in 2020, to establish large forces in Syria did not come to fruition thanks to the campaign between the wars (MABM) carried out by the IDF in the years The last alleged attack attributed to Israel in Syria was last Friday when local media reported that the IDF attacked near the Damascus airport after about a month of relative silence.

What's not said in the article, which is obviously quite focused on Israel, is that it's very likely that it was Trump's strike on Qassem Soleimani that made these attacks successful.  With Soleimani, the head of Iran's worldwide terrorism network, dead, Iran's ability to continue building such facilities was going to be severely impaired.

Looking back over the last six years, it's become clear that Trump was a phenomenally successful president at a foreign policy level.  While the American left liked to smirk about the fact that the Europeans neither liked nor respected him, leftists overlooked the fact that Europeans neither like nor respect America and, moreover, that they frequently ally themselves with America's enemies.  Trump, by ignoring both supercilious Democrats and Europeans, was able to focus on weakening the web of those opposed to America's interests.  Sadly, in less than two years in office, Biden has managed to undo all of that good work...and then some.

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