Establishment commentators ignore truth to favor Democrat tales

In a hilarious example of the pot calling the kettle black, political commentator Juan Williams recently penned an editorial claiming that Republicans are intentionally blind to terrible scandals, calling it an “epidemic” within the GOP.

The first example he gives is a Herschel Walker hit piece published by leftist outlet, Daily Beast. This is a thirteen-year-old story with no evidence, that conveniently shows up one month before an important election; but no one should question its validity. Most of the media mockingbirds simply repeat the story without doing any research.

Like clockwork, when the Democrats want to destroy someone, they turn to the media. The baseless story against Walker echoes the baseless and decades-old story against Brett  Kavanaugh as near the end of his confirmation hearings for a seat on the Supreme Court. Similarly, the Kavanaugh story lacked any evidence, but the media and other Democrats didn’t care. Their goal was to destroy the honorable jurist. The truth didn’t matter, just the Democrat agenda.

Intentional blindness is when the media and the Democrats bury the truth about the sordid past  of Raphael Warnock — Walker’s opponent — and his extremist positions.

Intentional blindness is when Democrats looked the other way as Bill and Hillary physically and mentally abused and sought to destroy multiple women. They never cared about all the trips on the Lolita Express — those women and girls were disposable. For those who “champion” the worth of women, they sure have a strange way of showing it. How many suffered at the hands of powerful men because the media covered up Democrat abuses as they campaigned for the Democrat ticket?

But Republicans are supposed to believe a thirteen-year-old story, with no evidence, seeking to destroy a fellow Republican, because the Democrat-held media said so.

Then, Williams hits Republicans as “election deniers”:

Last week, data and polling website FiveThirtyEight ran a chilling headline: ‘60 Percent of Americans will have an election denier on the ballot this fall[.]’ ‘Out of 552 total Republican nominees running for office, we found 200 who fully denied the legitimacy of the 2020 election….’

No one is supposed to question an election where multiple states broke election laws, with verified ballot harvesting, and when vote totals materially changed in the middle of the night.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, he was called an “illegitimate” president, yet I never saw Juan Williams or any other journalist label the name-callers intentionally blind or election deniers.

In an earlier Hill piece:

…. 68 percent of voters said Democrats have not accepted that Trump won fairly and is a legitimate president.

That figure includes 69 percent of Republicans, 69 percent of independents and 65 percent of Democrats.

Only four months into Trump’s presidency, Democrats have openly discussed impeachment and have accused the president of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election….

How many people still believed the debunked claims about Russian collusion though? According to an article on Reuters in 2019:

Thirty-eight percent of all adults, including two out of three Democrats, support efforts by Democratic leaders to continue the Russia investigation in Congress….

Talk about intentionally blind.

This summer, the GOP compiled an extensive list of “Democrats denying election results” where the items maxed out at 150.

Yet, the hypocrisy extends further. Here are some thoughts regarding actual intentional blindness, or outright dishonesty to cover Democrat scandals and failures:

  1. Democrats claiming Trump’s tax rate cuts cost trillions despite the fact that federal revenue rose rapidly.

  2. To this day, blaming Trump for the current immigration problem, ignoring open-border and sanctuary city policies.

  3. Diverting blame for high gas prices from Biden to Putin. When you enact policies to destroy American energy independence (like Biden did on day one), the result is economic turmoil.

  4. Ignoring the fact that weather patterns are cyclical, and climates have always gone through change.

  5. Promoting an idea that the Justice Department is an impartial agency, all the while refusing to acknowledge the fact the DOJ has spent years trying to destroy Trump and his allies.

  6. Touting abortion as a “constitutional right” and ignoring the fact the Constitution does not in fact include it as an enumerated right.

  7. Where is Juan Williams' story about intentional blindness regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell?

  8. Ignoring the fact that Anthony Fauci is a verifiable liar, pretending he is a reputable physician and selfless public servant — the WaPo ran an article titled, “Why Anthony Fauci is the greatest public servant I have ever known”.

I understand why Juan Williams and other Democrats seek to destroy Republicans with lies — they certainly can’t run on their radical, extremist, destructive policies under which Americans continue to suffer.

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