USDA manages a database to identify the self-sustainers

Have you ever heard the expression, “lipstick on a pig”?

America’s entrenched bureaucracy, often referred to as the Fourth Branch, is that pig. No amount of superficial or cosmetic measures can obscure the fact that federal agencies of unelected policymakers are no different than dirty sties full of gorged swine (there’s a reason wanton and greedy spending is called “pork”).

‘Lipstick’ comes in many forms: “news” reports from a once-sacred institution like American journalism is really just propaganda, the use of words like “progress” and “sustainability” cover over agendas of eugenics and genocide, and now, a new and chic marketing ploy muddies the waters of what should be worrisome data collection.

Enter, another federal database, this time managed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Cutely named the “People’s Garden Initiative”, the directory compiles locations and information regarding small scale gardening endeavors. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

But here’s the craziest part: the Machiavellian operatives besieging what should be a limited and subordinate federal government, are flaunting their political prowess. With this move, their subjugative aggressions aren’t even by force.

Instead, they adroitly manipulate the populace to enthusiastically sprint towards the abattoir. We only have our own mindlessness and self-aggrandizing spirits to blame. It’s death by a thousand cuts, not death by one cut. We can take a few slashes so long as we get featured and tagged on social media as a virtuous influencer.

From a USDA webpage which touts the project:

The simple act of planting a garden can have big impacts – from building a more diverse and resilient local food system to empowering communities to address issues like nutrition access and climate change.

Following the catchy introduction is a cheerful invitation to “register your local garden!”

Could this maybe, just maybe, be an insidious attempt to collect data on those who can easily survive without constant government intervention, therefore invalidating many of the reasons used to support its legitimacy? Or, in the nearly impossible scenario that this initiative is a brainchild of dimwitted but well-meaning federal simpletons, is it possible to conceive a future where the data is weaponized? (Recent FBI and IRS conduct provides us with an answer to that rhetorical question.)

But the media and the politicians tell us the government is benevolent, and eternally altruistic and our best interest is at the core of policymaking. I mean, they told us the purpose is to build a “resilient” food structure and “empower” communities, so obviously there are no ulterior motives. Yeah, sure….

With the additional 87,000 IRS agents on hand to harass ordinary Americans, it’s not hard to envision a not-so-distant future where armed USDA agents show up to enforce corporate policy, and you can already picture the lackeys at your door:

‘Oh, did a patented Monsanto seed blow into your garden? That’s a $10k fine.’

‘We see you’re growing a non-GMO species, which violates USDA standards against harmful misinformation. Off to the reeducation camp for you!’

‘Growing your own food is a threat to democracy; destroy the garden or face jail time.’

Like sheep led to the slaughter.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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