Kari Lake’s opponent busted in Project Veritas exposé

Someone needs a new public relations team.

Running against Kari Lake in the Arizona governor’s race is Katie Hobbs, and the Democrat just walked right into a Project Veritas pitfall. The damning revelations are just what you’d expect from a leftist…. and going viral.

Judging by her words and actions recorded in the PV video, one could reasonably determine that Hobbs is a liar, an elitist, and a hypocrite — and if that’s the case, she checks all the boxes of a high-profile Democrat politician. In completely unrelated news, a civil jury recently awarded Talonya Adams $2.75 million after it found her to be a victim of racial and gender discrimination in the workplace — a workplace which was under the leadership of Ms. Hobbs. Adams, who happens to be Black, was a Democrat staffer at the legislature when Hobbs was the minority leader. Per Adams:

Is Katie Hobbs a racist as defined by the Oxford dictionary Yes, she is[.] Is she worthy of sitting in any role of government? No, she is not.

In a Democrat world utterly devoid of personal responsibility, could you really blame Hobbs though? She would simply be taking the baton of Democrats before her. (Think Biden’s “racial jungle” comments, or Robert Byrd’s “race mongrels” remarks.)

But that’s beside the point.

In the clip released today, a PV journalist based in Arizona approaches Hobbs as she dines on fast food. When she realizes what’s going on, she hops up and promptly scrams in an effort to escape accountability from a constituent. In the process, she spills her gigantic soda, leaving the trash and the mess for someone else to clean up — so much for the environmentally considerate charade she’s adopted. Could she be a more cliché Democrat? I doubt it.

The confrontation shouldn’t have been anything that cosmic, but like I said, someone needs a new PR team. In light of Hobbs’ refusal to debate Kari Lake, the PV journalist was simply attempting to clarify recorded statements made by her and her head political consultant Joe Wolf — but then they both wound up fleeing to the restaurant bathrooms before being chauffeured away in a waiting electric vehicle. (Because remember, consideration for the environment and the awful impact of litterbug humans is a chief concern.)

Garret Lewis, a prominent conservative radio host based out of the Tucson area, tweeted:

According to Hobbs:

How do you debate someone who refuses to accept the truth, who doesn’t live in facts? It doesn’t do any service to the voters….

(This is coming from a woman who proclaims verifiable mental disorders like “gender identity” to be objective reality.)

Another tally for the Democrats in the crazy count.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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