'Changuito' is the canary in the coal mine

We've heard about the canary in the coal mine.  The bird usually drops dead from dangerous gases before they can kill the miners.  At the L.A. City Council, the canary is what we heard on those audio tapes.  The miners are the politicians dropping dead.

What we are hearing in those conversations is more than just hypocrites who are more racist than anyone I've met at a MAGA rally.  They are corrupt and an indication of why are cities are collapsing as well.

I like what the L.A. Times wrote in their editorial:

In the recording, Martinez describes a white colleague's Black son as "Parece changuito," or "like a monkey." 

In discussing District Attorney George Gascón, she said: "F--- that guy... He's with the Blacks." 

She noted, "It's the white members on this council that will motherf--- you in a heartbeat." 

Apparently referring to Oaxacans in Koreatown, Martinez said, "I see a lot of little short dark people... 'Tan feos' — 'They're ugly.'"

Martinez certainly spreads her venom around. The conversation spotlights the degree to which these members see their role in purely ethnic and racial terms, when they should see themselves as representatives of all of their constituents.

It also shows the improperly close relationship between these council members and special-interest groups — in this case, labor unions. Herrera said he "didn't step up to stop them," but his union tried to bully the Times into squelching the story. The union complained the recording was illegal. If so, too bad. The recording reveals the thought process and behind the scenes racism and cronyism of prominent Los Angeles politicians and a top union official.

Halleluiah, praise the Lord.  The L.A. Times is finally calling out the corrupt relationship between these big-city liberals and the labor unions.  They should follow up this editorial with one about how President Roosevelt was right about public employee unions.

The bad news is that we are seeing who these people are.  It's all about power with them.  They will mock anyone who competes with them for power. 

The good news is that the corruption has been exposed.  This is why people are leaving our cities and taking their dollars with them. 

As expected, Martinez and gang issued apologies.  They didn't mean it.  They just don't like getting caught!

Last, but not least, this is also the consequence of "one-party" cities.  These leftist Democrats are so comfortable with their power that they never think their words will be heard outside the meeting.  Well, someone leaked "the tape," and the canary is like Old Marley, dead as a doornail.  The L.A. City Council will never be the same.  Hard to see how you put that band back together!

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Image: David & Angie.

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