Why Trump will run again

After eight years of enduring the lackluster outcome of America's first affirmative action president, Donald J. Trump was a fresh, sharp blast of Arctic air blowing away the political version of a tropical depression that had engulfed an America being led in the wrong direction.

What was originally described as "the swamp" was more accurately a cesspool of scoundrels, self-servers, and scumbags — political maggots feeding off the very infection they themselves had bred and spread into the body politic.

As the Trump term began to rip the old wallpaper off the hallowed halls of our nation's places of governance where the hacks and flacks that had been too long squatters, the lingering stench and stains of dishonor began to yield to a remodeling underway.

The American stock market soared and climbed to record levels.  Our southern border was secure and getting rebuilt.  The USA was the largest net exporter of energy in the world, and gasoline was cheap.  Unemployment and inflation were both near zero.

Our enemies feared and respected us.  Al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership were either killed or forced into inactivity, making them practically inert.  China was forced into fair play and North Korea into quiet civility.

Over-burdensome regulations were cut, and more than 25,000 pages removed from the Federal Register, resulting in trillions in tax cuts and the reformation of the tax code.

And finally, Trump fulfilled a promise broken by every living past U.S. president by moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Say what you will about the Trump/Biden election; it's over, and the swamp won.  That "swamp," however, was really something far worse: a mile-deep lake of excrement.

And if ever there were a creature of that fetid lake, Joe Biden was the poster-boy.  Never employed outside government, he was a twice failed presidential contender, famous for being a liar ("... I got a full scholarship, graduated in the top third of my class ...") and also a plagiarist (stole Britain's Neil Kinnock's speech word for word).  Biden is a principle-less poser, a pliable useful idiot, making him the best candidate to easily control.

Enter the Soros/Obama cabal of tech giants and the vast tentacles of the Administrative State grinding away at the organ while Biden dances to their tune as America loses her way.

When assessing motive, money and power are the main ingredients.  Trump had plenty of both before running for office, and he was beholden to no one.  Trump won't be bought, and being the president not only loses him money, but forces him to do battle every moment for his own survival.  So again, what is the motive?

It is obvious that for Trump, being president again will be nothing short of a fight to the finish.  He views this as his obligation to the greatest country on Earth that supplied him with so much.  He made America great again, and now he needs to finish flushing that nasty, nasty national toilet and Take America Back Again.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, CC BY 3.0 license.

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