Live from New's a 'non-binary' artificial female on SNL!

As the once creatively revolutionary comedy but now staidly predictable Saturday Night Live enters its 48th season, the producers excitedly announced on their news site NBC Out the show's new cast members.  

'Saturday Night Live' announces its first nonbinary cast member

Actor and comedian Molly Kearney will become the first nonbinary cast member on "Saturday Night Live" in its upcoming 48th season.

Kearney, who is from Cleveland and uses gender-neutral pronouns, has appeared in Amazon's "A League of Their Own" — a remake of the 1992 film that has been a huge hit with queer fans — as Fern Dannely.

A publicity photo of a smiling Kearny accompanies the announcement.  The long hair and tweezed eyebrows can't  quite disguise Kearny's masculine features.  

Apparently satisfied that they fulfilled their politically correct diversity slot with a "female," and a "trans" one at that, the press release revealed  three other new additions for the forthcoming season.  All males.  Apparently born that way and not stuffed with hormones.  Or artificial parts.  But also diverse — one is black, one is brown (Hispanic) and one is white.  

Although all the newcomers are undoubtedly talented, a ho-hum greeted the announcement.  While it has become fashionable to proclaim that SNL isn't as funny and as on target as it once (reportedly) was, the fault is not SNL's alone.  Alternative forms of entertainment — e.g., some TikTok "influencers" — command larger audiences and can be viewed at one's convenience.  SNL has become lefty mainstream and predictable, which now means that the show is not as unique as it presumably was decades ago.

Hey, I've got a creative idea for them for the new era: portray President Donald Trump (R) as smart and correct and President Joe Biden (D) as bumbling and corrupt.  Truth can also be funny...and draw a huge new audience.

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